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3 Mistakes that are stopping you from Creating Your Best Life

Are you settling for a life that is average? Does your life gives you enough of a high to enjoy each day as if you were unwrapping wonderful gifts and beautiful surprises? If you are not there yet, then let me tell you, you are settling for less than what you deserve.

Every Human intrinsically has the capability to get there and see their life as a totally amazing, high quality, exuberant and miraculous masterpiece. I get it. It’s not easy to really get to that level of life, but the good thing is, it’s not even that difficult. I myself had been living a mediocre life for several years before I got my breakthrough and self realization of what I am capable of and what my mission in life is about. As I realized my true value and impact and sense of contribution I could make into the world, I started to unleash my true powers and designed my Powerpack life. Everyone has that power in them, but sadly it’s hidden and sometimes even buried under the pile of life pressures, social norms, wrong beliefs and self limiting attitudes.

“Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can.”  
— Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

Today, I am inspired to talk about the list of 3 mistakes people do that let them live a mediocre, below average and a sulking life.  If you are really an honest and open minded fellow, you will probably get some breakthroughs which can help you in redesigning your future and make you more powerful. Let’s talk about them now.

1. Giving Away “The Self Control” to Others

One of the most commonly seen behaviour pattern in all aspects of our life, be it our professional or personal associations is Low or No Self Control to outward stimulus. Many People tend to lose their self control and get carried away when someone pushes their buttons or does something that they don’t assume is appropriate or fair to them. Then they start to react based on other person’s actions in order to balance out the equation.

This is where people lose their power and let the negative emotions overpower them and tend to deviate them from their major goals and productive outcomes. When people behave or react exactly the way the other person wants, it seems like the control of their life is in other’s hands and with one pulling of the strings, they start to behave like puppets.

Dr. J. Richard Cookerly, Loveologist, in his famous blog, Healthy Self-Love and Not Giving Your Power Away has pointed out – “Those who learn how ‘not to give their power away’ to others or to old, destructive training tend to live more powerfully, enjoyably, effectively and peacefully. They also live more self-directed, healthful lives, and likely are able to do more good for others”

The repercussions of losing your control over situation and acting outrageously makes us uneasy and stressed due to inflow of emotions such as resentment, guilt, pain, insult, feeling small and low self esteem. It is proven when we remain untouched by some other outside stimulus, we create a stable mind and strong character which aids in succeeding in all facets of our life. You can literally win over everyone you encounter and experience boundless power and peace inside your heart.

So, today, ask yourself.

  • Am I giving away my powers to other to control my decisions, behaviors or life choices? If yes, then ask Why?
  • Is this making me feel less about myself?
  • What can I change to start feeling more strong and peaceful?
  • Am I going to allow others to hijack my brain forever?

You might get some quick answers and if you will pay more attention and further self introspect and take actions, you will slowly tend to train your brain to react in a way you want it to.

2. Wrong thinking about “Money and Abundance”

How many of you think that excess money is bad for a morally sound and ethical life? Or that more money or materialistic pleasure destroy the relationships? It’s so important to think deeply about these questions as they might be the reason that you actually never could achieve financial abundance.

It’s normal to look at a rich fellow and assume that he was born lucky, or has made excess money by gimmicking people in his business, or he is just extremely smart and has some secret weapon to invade the land of treasures. But, if we really look beyond then we see some special traits that play a major role in his massive success and abundance.

Tony Robbins in his awesome article, Are you Free from Finacial Fear (Link : has said “YOUR UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS ABOUT MONEY ARE KEEPING YOU FROM THE LIFE YOU REALLY WANT” which clearly emphasize on the importance of deeper beliefs you have around money.

  • Do you believe that world is a scarce place and people have to work hard to survive?
  • Have you linked more money with a prudent, arrogant and unethical life?
  • Do you think all the people with more money usually don’t care for people who are not that fortunate?
  • Have you tried to expand your skillset to make yourself more valuable so you can step higher in the ladder?
  • Do you occasionally get to go on the wrong side with people regarding money?

3. Giving in to your “FEARS”

Fear is the biggest enemy of creativity! It really is.

It holds us back from getting exposed to big and unseen marvelous things which could be a part of your life. Everyone I have ever met has some dreams and imaginations, be it opening up their own unique business, coming out of a negative relationships, travelling world to experience various cultures and ways of life, leaving their current job and finding their dream career, quitting smoking or simply changing their eating habits to have healthy lifestyle. Good thing i we all know we need to do something to change the state of our lives, so our spirit directs us to those imaginations and ideas but, the bad thing is we never take actions.

Now, What is the reason of procrastination? Is it that we really don’t want better lives? Is it we really want to sulk all of our lives and never do what our heart and mind cries for? No, we don’t want to sulk or stay in negativity. Each of us want to get our breakthroughs and a big and powerful life but what hold us back from taking action is FEAR OF UNKNOWN. It’s the fear of uncertainty that hold us back.

Human brain doesn’t like Uncertainty

David Rock, CEO NeuroLeadership Group in his article “A Hunger for Certainty” ( mentions “A sense of uncertainty about the future generates a strong threat or ‘alert’ response in your limbic system. Your brain detects something is wrong, and your ability to focus on other issues diminishes. Your brain doesn’t like uncertainty – it’s like a type of pain, something to be avoided. Certainty on the other hand feels rewarding, and we tend to steer toward it, even when it might be better for us to remain uncertain” ..

Since, Now we now know that fear controls our actions to move forward. But, you don’t have to be the slave of your brain’s projections about the outcomes and get confused (based on the previous experiences and memories stored) rather you can really influence your brain by the “power of your mind”. Your mind can influence your brain by using its mindful powers through self affirmations and mindful meditations. You can really train your brain to work for you and your wishes without being afraid of unknown results.

Imagine when we started to walk first, if we would have never taken the first step being afraid of uncertain fall, we would have never been running today. It happened as you allowed to let the excitement of walk and being able to reach at different places overpower the fear of fall. At that time, we had faith in life, more excitement and no fear and ironically, as we grow up, we have more negative beliefs, less faith in process of life and much more FEAR.

Today, allow your mind to overcome your brain’s barriers. Follow your heart’s excitement and give yourself an opportunity to break up the shackles of fear and take decisions that you think are important for scaling up your life. Don’t worry on the Outcomes. In the end, A powerful mind will surely lead to a Powerful life.


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