6 Simple Ways to Start to Value Yourself

Have we ever considered being our own best friend, our best well wisher and stretched ourselves to help us bring our best?

All of us are looking to have a best friend in our life, whom we can rely on, share our secrets and be honest with our feelings. Most of us have one, who is sort of our lifeline and we tend to fall back on him/her at times of adversity, as a shoulder to cry on when we have an emotional break down, yell and scream at when we are angry with a usual hope that he/she is not going to feel bad.

We also stretch ourselves in order to help our friend back when the need arises, since that is how the relationship has been nurtured. It is believed that a great friend can be the best counselor and can help bring the best out of us.

But, Have we ever considered being our own best friend, our best well wisher and stretched ourselves to help us bring our best?

It would be amazing if we are able to build up that friendship, belief and love for our own self. Here are some possible ways !!


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6 Ways to Easily Start Valuing Yourself

Discard Negative Thoughts Immediately

Being able to identify a negative thought and eliminate it from your mindset is extremely imperative in order to get positive results. A negative thought generates pain, stress, problems and a vicious, never-ending cycle of more negative thoughts. Just like you dress in the morning, making sure we wear clean and fresh clothes, you need to pay attention that our mind’s thinking patterns are fresh and clean, in order to feel good and lead a balanced life.

Listen to your Body

Your body is smarter than you know.. Each and every cell is programmed by nature itself  to make you aware of the condition of your body and mind. When your body and mind are balanced, there will be a harmony inside and one becomes more healthy naturally.. But if the mind is disturbed with unwanted stress or an accumulation of negative thoughts, it will effect your body in many ways.

Low immunity, headaches, body aches, fatigue, anxiety, depression etc. are some of the many issues people get affected with. if you encounter any of these symptoms, don’t pop a painkiller every time you experience it, rather try to figure out the reason for the disease. May be simply changing the way you perceive life can assure you better health.

To know more on how to fix the anxiety and stress, you can go Learn how to free yourself from Anxiety with these 7 Major Keys

Look who you hang out with !

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

You tend to become who you hang out with since you are exchanging your energy with them and the replaced energy coming back to you impacts your mind and your life choices. If the energy is positive, encouraging and with high frequency vibrations, you will feel high and will be more encouraged to reach your optimal potential and be successful in your life goals.

In same way, you will catch the negative energy subconsciously and keep on dwelling on negative pits and failures. Stop sharing your space with people who don’t serve you anymore. If your dream is to be highly successful, make more money or have a healthy body, you have to be around people who are already living those life styles to be inspired and actualize it for yourself.



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Accept your Flaws

Don’t be so hard on yourself when you do something inappropriate, we all do it at some point in life. It is impossible to be perfect and we are bound to keep on making mistakes till we fall dead. This is how we learn and improve. Our growth is subject to our failures, so there is no point for us to be so critical towards ourselves if we didn’t come out well upon someone’s expectations.

Your flaws are real as they are yours and they make you who you are. Don’t let guilt and shame sabotage your true self as you are surely more than the flaws you carry. Embrace them and try to change them with ample of time and ease. No rush.

Don’t go against your Intuition

It happens, sometimes we do things against our gut feeling and we fall flat on the floor and then we cry over the time when we could have made the decision otherwise. Humans are blessed with intuition and instincts which have been used productively since millions of years for survival and safety.

In today’s world we have unlimited informational resources, innumerable voices and opinions, which impacts our decision making but the most important trait of “intuition” is overlooked. Too much logical thinking has diminished the importance to listening to voices inside of us where as the natural mechanism of “gut” is more powerful than any external resource.

Listen to your inner Cuckoo voice when you are confused about something, you will definitely make the best choice for yourself.

Love Yourself

In our society, the word SELFISH has been used for someone who is mean and self indulgent. So most of people consider self-love a negative and mean thing to do where as in true sense if we are not self-lovers, there is no way we can really love anyone else too. SELF is the key to all the locks of happiness of the world.

If your compassion doesn’t include you, it’s incomplete. When we are kind to ourselves, we do things that please us and generate abundance of happy hormones, endorphins, in our body which in turn develops more harmonious and loving relation with everyone around us. So Love Yourself the most to love others naturally and make this world a better place to live.

Basically, we can rely on the inner-self like our best friend and create a wonderful strong bond with it if we are more mindful and attentive to our life choices. It will always support you and provide you with immense strength to lead the desired life. So, start building up the most important relation now, and, that is with “YOURSELF”



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