6 Ways to Empower Your Mind for a Stress-Free Life

Today, I am simply sharing with you some of the Tips and insights that I use with myself and my clients to build resiliency. These are some of the strategies you can use instantly and help your mind get strengthened to handle stress and anxiety.

If Stress is troubling you once in a while, it’s ok, but if it’s overtaking your life and making you feel uneasy, lose focus and lower productivity than it’s alarming and needs to be addressed. In fact acute stress when is left untreated can cause multiple physical and mental health issues.

As per current statistics offered by the American Institute of Stress, 77% Percent of people regularly experience physical symptoms and 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by Stress.

They also revealed that 48% percent people say that stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional life and the employed adults who face difficulty managing work and family responsibilities is 31%.

The question arises what has led us worry and stress so much and how it can be fixed. But, how? How can we fix something which seems to be an automatic response of mind and body?


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This question kept on lingering in my mind after my first panic attack and I was pretty much trapped in cycle of acute stress and anxiety.

I started to look for answers and especially wanted to have a breakthrough from my overthinking and worrying habits. I did research, read hundreds of books, explored spiritual methods, attended seminars and retreats, even hired a life coach. Eventually, the whole process brought me not only the answers, but the whole clarity on the way we should live our lives and handle our mental and emotional energies.

I name this — “Self Empowerment” — it’s a process that I teach in my online courses and private sessions. It’s a stage in your life where your inner and outer life becomes aligned and you are able to take the charge of your thoughts, emotions, reactions and feelings, which are pretty much cause of any stress, worry or pains.

Here’s Tips and insights to Empower Your Mind for a Stress-Free Life

Today, I am simply sharing with you some of the Tips and insights that I use with myself and my clients to build resiliency. These are some of the strategies you can use instantly and help your mind get strengthened to handle stress and anxiety.

Look for the Reasons

Why is Stress happening in the first place? What is triggering that? Am I doing something wrong? What am I so worried about? Ask, Ask and Ask. When you will ask, you will get answers. Self Introspection is majorly important if you are suffering from regular stress or anxiety. I figured out from my own introspection that I used to suffer anxiety due to high expectations for myself in majorly every department of my life. Also adding up was my loneliness after the failed marriage and facing tougher and stressful situations` in a new country.

Highly driven people also usually attract additional stress and anxiety as they don’t want to be left behind than others in the competitive world. So, What are your reasons? Find them out. For self awareness, one needs to be real to “The Self”. No fear of judgements. Be detached and see yourself as a being who is not flawless. Once you figure out what makes you fearful or desperate, you will know how to replace that with better positive and healing thoughts.

Start to Live in “The Present”

All we really have in this lifetime truly is the moments. So far we have lived millions of moments, some of them full of joy and some with sorrows. But they are already gone and what greets you is “a new moment” right now right here. Each and every moment is inevitable. If we pay attention to the inevitability of each moment, we will be living it fully rather clinging to the pains of the past experiences.

What keeps on letting living on FEAR is our past experiences or future expectations. We are really never living this moment with utmost pleasure as we are either living in past memories or future dreams and we miss the most of the present.

Whatever projects you are trying to finish, whatever phone calls you need to make or people to meet.. Don’t think about it right now. Live today with your fullest attention and it will bring lots of joy and peace in your life.



How to use the Power of Mind to create more Growth, Happiness & overall Success.

Be in-tune with Universal Intelligence

“Everything is this Universe happening for us and not against us”

Trusting the fact that life brings series of challenges for us to grow mentally, emotionally and logically along the journey of our lives. We are interlinked deeply with the Universe and sometimes moving with the flow is the best thing to do for our mental health as it opens us to the new experiences and dimensions of our own hidden personality.

Think about this. How would we learn to care, share and be compassionate to others if we ourself don’t suffer? When we let the Universe play its role and we remain in tune with it, we easily let go of the resistance to change and cause less pain to ourselves. Letting go of heavy emotions such as anger, frustration and guilt reduces anxiety and stress and lead to a more joyful life.

Practice Yoga & Breathing Exercises

What connects us to our being is nothing but “our breath”. Learning how to use our breath to relax our minds is the most important as it can create wonderful deeper inner experiences. Yoga, which basically means union, is a practice that allows to create a space where you combine your body, mind and spirit with your breaths. It produces profound relaxation by increasing oxygen to your brain and all muscles which in turns helps you to relax deeper. I simply can’t imagine living without this practice after experiencing the numerous benefits to my overall health.

Inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly can calm down the noises in the brain and uneasiness in your gut in few seconds only. It’s amazing to know that our breaths are the controlling mechanisms to our minds. We can deviate from a turbulent and panic induced thought or expression of anger by simply putting focus on our breath.

Unwind More and More.. Specially before you go to bed

Our subconscious mind is always operational, even while we are asleep and it works on tons of memories, good or bad feelings we have experienced in the past, our fears and aspirations and other visual information. Once we are sleeping our subconscious mind takes control and gives us its impression in terms of quality of sleep, dreams we see and how we feel after we get up. I had most of my panic attacks while I was in the middle of sleep and woke me up with a jolt. Most of us can check on the health of our subconscious mind by evaluating how deeply we sleep and the kind of dreams we experience.

Feeding our conscious or active mind with positive and healing thoughts consistently helps a lot in channelizing our subconscious mind towards calmness, love, peace and safety. Unwinding your pressures and day to day stress, especially before going bed are extremely helpful. Use the following method.

  • Think and write about any negative or positive feelings you experienced
  • Start to focus on your top three wins for the day, things that you are thankful for and
  • Set up your goals for the next day.

While we all go through negative feelings since we are humans, but the good thing is if we train our conscious mind to start focusing more on smaller wins, little pleasures and optimism, it in turn trains our subconscious to work in accordance and make us more happy, stable, full of positive energy and very production.

Guided Meditation- Guide your Mind to Ease

A man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Autocrat of the Breakfast Table

Our minds can’t stop working. All we can do with them is to channelize them effectively so it works for us and not against us. We have heard about the benefits of meditation on our mental health and its effect on the brain chemistry. After studying some of Buddhist monks brains’, scientists were able to prove the structural changes in the brain due to continued practice of meditation. These changes affect their response to stressful events, a sense of calmness and level of concentration.

Most of us have tried self meditation, but couldn’t derive the effective results. In my personal experience, guided meditation is a great way to start and it’s an effective way to guide your mind on what it should focus on. There are numerous resources available as DVDs or on YouTube that could be a great support in your journey towards being a mediator. After practicing it for some time, you will see an automatic change in your brain conditioning and you will be able to relax yourself more and more anywhere anytime.

Some of the resources I use are available on YouTube. You can check further more links and choose what works for you.


You can also download Apps such as Headspace where you can find many different Mind Calming Meditations to choose from. If you will make it a part of your life, your mind will become more tranquil, focused and anxiety free.


In the end, Life is a journey, not a destination. So don’t be hard on yourself. Breathe Deep, Play a little, Joke on yourself and simply pay attention and enjoy the miracles that unfold every day in front of us.

Thank You For Reading this blog!

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