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We're a team of passionate and brilliant individuals, dedicated to helping you build a strong brand that stands out. We focus on creating real connections, lasting client relationships, and giving you a unique edge that sets you apart and help you achieve your business goals.

About Simi Arora

I left my corporate job to follow my true passion. Despite facing setbacks and inner struggles, I built a successful consulting business and a life that I truly cherish.

I achieved this by focusing on being purposeful and building my personal brand through my unique value contribution.

As a committed coach, I empower people to discover their unique strengths, leading them to meaningful impact and satisfaction.

Born in India and guided to New York by destiny, I faced emotional challenges and mental tests. Through these, I dedicated myself to understanding real success – a life filled with stability, accomplishments, and purpose.

My personal growth allowed me to break free from old habits, transforming into a resilient leader guided by authenticity.

My expertise involves tapping into people's potential, helping them shine in their pursuits by unlocking the power of their personal brand, message and business.

"One Of The Things I’m Often Asked Is"How And Why Did You Leave Your Highly Paid Job And Started Your Business”


Back in 2012, my journey took off when a tough divorce hit me hard in a foreign land. I felt really alone, and it brought on anxiety and depression.

I used to think life would always be smooth sailing, but reality showed me otherwise. I learned the hard way that pain is part of everyone's life.

Even though I wanted to stay strong, my mind started playing tricks on me – panic attacks and constant anxiety became my new normal. Imagine calling 911 in the middle of the night, that was me.

Doctors gave me pills, but I knew that wasn't the real solution. In the midst of all this chaos, I was asking myself, "Why is this happening? What's next for me?"

These questions pushed me on a journey to figure out what truly makes me happy and successful.

including finding the right career.

Through all the mess, I discovered my purpose and awakened my spiritual side. With yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation, I found clarity and the courage to chase after what I really wanted.

something I now call, YOUR HIGHEST VALUE.

 “I quit my corporate job and pursued my calling, failed several times, overcame mental health struggles and eventually built a successful coaching business and a fulfilling life on my terms."

As a coach, I am dedicated to help humans discover and lead with their VALUED CONTRIBUTION for highest impact & fulfillment in life.

I was born and raised India and landed in New York as part of the cosmic plan. I went through emotional setbacks and mental traumas and decided to dedicate my life discovering the principles of living a truly success, emotionally stable and professionally fulfilling life.


Through my awakening and pursuit of living my most "authentic self" in my professional and personal life, I was able to break the old subconscious patterns and reinvent myself for my HIGHEST PURPOSE, success and a resilient mindset which is the basis of true leadership. 

I can say that my expertise lies in helping humans find their highest VALUE and communicate that in their work and personal life so they stand out of the crowd and lead with magnificent wisdom & clarity. 


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