Why did I choose to Empower Others?


In the process of finding my own Inner Power to heal my wounds and break my negative patterns, I somehow found my own PURPOSE of Life. I had heard this word called “Life Calling” but didn’t know the meaning.


My Life journey was full of ups and downs. I started my life in a small town in India with limited exposure and awareness about professional and personal life choices. If it wasn’t a completely oppressive environment, it definitely wasn’t supportive either. There was a constant struggle to find my own identity among the usual patterns and the expectations of family and society. I surely knew I had a bigger destiny, something more than just to be born, grown up and died in that same town. Since I was totally unaware of my steps towards my future, I was simply moving with the flow.

With time, I did get to a bigger town and I did get the nicely paid corporate job and get to travel most of the world, but I had still no idea about “what the hell was I doing in this world” and surely wasn’t living a fulfilled life. My disconnect with my own being and lack of self awareness made me take a rash decision of getting married and leaving India to come to the United States of America.

My marriage ended in divorce in one year and that was the turning point of my life as all the pain, abuse, and emotional torture I went through started to prepare me for much bigger things. I stood strong and firstly decided not to go back to India as I knew this all had some hidden MEANING. I started to live in a shared little apartment and felt alone, miserable, guilty and ache of separation from my family back home. Sometimes, it needs more aches and more grilling before you actually start to GET THE REAL YOU OUT.

Things went worse when I started to have PANIC ATTACKS in the early mornings in that lonely apartment. One after another panic attack led me to be diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Depression. This was the time when I realized that something was really wrong with me subconsciously and that I had to find the solution to my messy life or just finish it forever. I started to research Stress and Anxiety healing methods.

My Life Transformation Journey



I went to various spiritual retreats from Buddhist to Yoga Ashrams to anyone who claimed they could provide me with peace and strength. I was getting inclined towards “KNOWING THE TRUTH OF LIFE” and an understanding of how to live it pain-free and powerfully. Reading tons of Self Help Books (thankfully, there are some great philosophers, psychologists, and Life Coaches) helped me dig deeper into myself and ask for answers about the traumatic events that happened in my life. I focused on my spiritual growth and got engaged in DEEPER MEDITATION for strong self-awareness and control. I saw another silver lining when I hired a personal Life Coach and worked on my life map and started to build new thought processes, new perspectives, and new feelings.

Each Life has a story which has some hidden meaning. Mine had a bigger purpose behind each and every incident that led to certain experiences. My transformation into a Highly Confident, very Happy and Positive human being from a powerless, broken and lost soul was not merely an accident… “It was my destiny to evolve as a strong, compassionate and giving person whose life is not merely focused on material success of the social world”

“You have all the power to build a success mindset, a resilient heart and a strong body which will help you pass through the tough and challenging times of life with ease, positivity and grace. Nothing will break you down once you are internally empowered, you will rise higher and shine brighter with every passing storm”