I am simi

A Truth Seeker, A Catalyst of Life Transformation and A Teacher & Lover of Yogic Science of Breath, Pranayama.


A Truth Seeker, A Catalyst of Life Transformation and A Teacher & Lover of Yogic Science of Breath, Pranayama.

“I am dedicated to help humans find their truth and live it fearlessly”.

I believe life gives us challenges to transform ourselves and sometimes they are so intense that they can change our life completely and allow us to see the truth which is always yearning to expand out of our heart.

A born and raised Indian girl landed in New York as part of the cosmic plan, went through tons of emotional pain and mental stress, decided to dedicate her life finding the principles of living a truly happy, emotionally stable and internally fulfilling life.

A few years later, I didn’t only imbibe and lived the wisdom in my personal life, but helped thousands getting empowered mentally and spiritually through my coaching, training and speaking on traditional and various digital platforms.

Through my collective community of over 150,000 people on social media, my signature monthly training programs and online digital courses, I help people get unstuck from their conditioned minds and develop self awareness to create their meaningful, happier and stress-free lives.

"One of the things I’m often asked is"How and Why did you leave your highly paid job and started all this”

To answer this question, I have to touch base upon my journey, which started in 2012, after I went through a huge emotional turmoil leading to divorce in a marriage that I stayed in for one year or so. I was alone in this unknown country, with no relatives or family, overthinking and stressing about what had happened in my life, got me into the tornado of anxiety disorder and depression.

Like everyone, I believed in entitlement of goodness of life and that nothing tragic should and can happen with me. But, it was not only happening, it was tearing me apart. (first learning lesson was that, sh*t can happen with everyone,  no one is devoid of pain).

My willpower was intact but my mind gave up on me and caused me terrifying panic attacks and acute anxiety. You can imagine, what would it look like to be calling 911 in the middle of nights and having taken to the emergency every now and then.

I was obviously under prescribed antidepressants but I knew that answer didn’t lie in drugging myself and living like a zombie. During that time, I was overloaded with stress, self sabotaging emotions, fear of the uncertain future and most of all, a regret of letting myself and my family down.

Why me?
Why Pain?

What is the solution to internal happiness and emotional stability?

These were some of the prime questions, that led me to the journey of self discovery and a search of permanent happiness.

Not only, I discovered my own truth, accepted it, and build my whole life on it, I was able to awaken my spiritual essence and inner anchor using the powerful tools such as yoga, pranayama, various meditative practices, which created the resource of inner happiness, reliability and stability in my heart along with unshakable faith in the process of life.

I feel humbled to be able to help thousands of people breakthrough their negative mindsets, old beliefs, disempowering mental stories and emotional pains and get them on the path of self empowerment by getting them to experience their own truth, their deeper desires, their inner strength to build a magnificent life for themselves.

A few years ago while travelling the world developing business for the corporate organizations and making huge sales, I didn’t know I would end up leaving everything on the table and jump into the ocean of unknown challenges, financial setbacks and 12-18 hours of everyday grinding to build a platform which would help and inspire people to take personal responsibility and create their desired reality. But, I did it. And, I am super happy that I did follow my inner calling.

“I Believe We Can Only Thrive With Our Full Potential When We Look Within And See The Light We Are, Which Is Ever Expanding, Peaceful, Loving And Fearless”

The journey within is the way to achieve an unwavering mind, unshakable happiness and undeniable peace. This all begins with calming down the monkey mind using the power of your own breath and then experiencing the inner quietness and truth of your being. Eventually, you are prepared to infuse the right visualizations and multiple meditative and affirming techniques to manifest your abundant, joyful and highly successful life.

My goal is to serve you and help you get empowered in a true sense. This involves building the psychological, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength to create your desired destiny. Through tons of free content on social platforms and by offering paid online courses and memberships, we are making a soulful impact with our passion, and commitment to help raise the happiness quotient of humanity. Whether you are an established leader or a struggling entrepreneur, a thinker, a homemaker, an artist or someone who is still figuring out what you want to do with your life, there is an immense possibility of learning about the ‘true self’ and the path of inner empowerment and find the deepest meaning and purpose of your life.

If you are seeking my personal help in building your desired life, then you can work with me one on one, but, there is surely an initial screening to see if we are a fit together and if I can genuinely help you in your life. You can schedule a FREE Consultation Session and we would figure that out during our call.

If you have read so far, thank you. I would love to build a life long relation with you and help you with utmost dedication and unconditional love. [popup_anything id=”1378″].

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