Make Any Crisis A Catalyst For Exponential Growth + Enhanced Resilience + Emotional Well-being and Total Abundance.

Make ANY Crisis A Catalyst For Exponential Growth + Enhanced Resilience + Emotional Well-being and Total Abundance. ​

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S. Sethi

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"Simi's program made me aware of my conditioned mind and helped me get clarity on what I truly desire as a person. I managed to make a lot of big decisions in my life and I believe Simi's program played a very important role in helping me take leaps!"


A Unique Methodology of Detach, De-Condition & Design Your Mind for Ultimate Success

For most people, life happens to them and they react to it.
For a few, it is a matter of luck and they wait for great opportunities to show up so they can upgrade their life. But, There are rare ones who don’t simply react to life situations or wait for the luck to unfold, but THEY CREATE THEIR BEST LIFE CONSCIOUSLY!

They are the CONSCIOUS CREATORS  and they turn around any crisis into opportunity 

And, the very fact that you happen to come on this page after watching the video series suggests that you are that rare one and you want to TAKE FULL CHARGE of what you create ; in your professional space, in your personal relationships and for your own fullest expression and well-being.


You need to get unstuck from the familiar patterns, limited perceptions & beliefs and have the MENTAL FREEDOM to choose a life that gives meaning, motivation and happiness to you.

You need to REDIRECT your subconscious mind and REWIRE YOUR BRAIN to create a mind-body that is stronger than the past experiences and present environment.

You need to have OPTIMUM ENERGY and INNER RESILIENCE to help you navigate through ups and downs of life with ease, confidence and harmony.

You need to REWRITE the new codes and REWIRE your brain with new neural pathways and neurochemistry to support your body-mind to start creating from UNKNOWN ( a place of absolute creativity)


Amol Salunkhe


This is not a course – It's A Life Transformation… Love it!

You exceeded my expectations. The most useful part for me was to know the secrets of being a Conscious Creator and how it impacts our life. The science of Pranayama & the deeper explanation of detachment of mind is a Bonus for me! Highly recommend it to people who are looking to get clarity in their life.

My Process Of CONSCIOUS CREATION Is Transforming People's Lives All Around The World.

These are just a few out of hundreds of case studies. I get around 5-10 people per day sending me messages about how they feel so empowered to have the mental freedom to take the decisions that were holding them back from living their best lives


Here is what you will receive once you choose to use this quiet time of solitude and reflection to learn how you can awaken your true potential and direct your life energy to rise above adversity

Get Instant Access to Your Membership Site & Weekly Dripping Of The Video Content


Manage Change, Stay Resilient, and Inspire Growth


Bring Calm, Focus and Self Direction through Pranayama


Bring Calm, Focus and Self Direction through Pranayama


Powerful Practices, Applications and Benefits

LIVE Life Coaching, Training & Meditation



I’m also giving you 3 FREE BONUSES worth $757 as you join "THE CONSCIOUS CREATOR" PROGRAM Today!

If you know anything about me, then you know that I always over-deliver. I actually care about the results that my students get and that’s why I’ll go the extra mile for you. Here is what I got for you.


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This Conscious Creator Program Is One Of The Finest Pieces Of Work I Have Ever Released.

People who’ve already brilliantly invested in themselves with The Process of Detachment, Decondition and Design are telling me it’s the best program they’ve ever encountered… and that they’re have beaten the old limited version of themselves and are taking massive action towards creating their authentic, purposeful, happier and abundantly successful life.

Jay Bhave, New York

Narasimha Reddy, Chicago

As I said, I get a couple of these a day.
Now does that mean you will get the same results?

Does that mean you’ll become the CONSCIOUS CREATORS of your True Desires Overnight?

Well, it is a possibility that the journey of your transformation begins as soon as you start to implement the first insight + practice that I will teach you.

or it might take a little longer to see the changes in your feelings and actions. 

The truth is, that if you are dedicated and committed to making your life a beautiful place of experiences and want to consciously take charge and EXPLODE YOUR INHERENT POTENTIAL FEARLESSLY, then anything is possible.

You take all the steps from preparing the soil, watering it, softening it and then you sow the seeds.

With time, the seed will grow into a tiny plant and eventually into big tree.

Human Transformation is a similar process. You sow the seeds of INTENTION & EFFORT and let it bloom by itself.

Here's what I can Guarantee..

This is my best program so far.

I’m giving you the best information — and all information — to start your journey of Self Realization and Conscious Creation.

I won’t hold back anything in the class.

Every single secret, every important insight, every single practice that has worked for me or for one of my clients is revealed and explained in detail so you can easily model it.

I honestly believe this is the best information you will find anywhere about building YOUR CONSCIOUS SUCCESS IN LIFE

It’s not some abstract theory but rather a practical method that shows you step-by-step how to know your true essence, get access to your mind, remove old subconscious conditioning, get unstuck from your mental stories and REWIRE YOUR MIND-BODY for the life that you want to experience.

I believe if you are truly looking become the master of your destiny and CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE TO THINK, RESPOND AND BUILD your desired life, then this is the perfect place to be.

I’ve decided to draw the curtains and reveal EVERYTHING.

Here's What To Do Next !

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You can join the class today for JUST $49 one-time.

Honestly, I have brought down the fee to 75% for you to join the class.
In the current scenario, when the whole humanity is coping up with the massive change + economic & emotional challenge, it is my duty to serve and support as many people as i can.


At this time,

So, if you feel resonated with all that I said above, then click here, and sign up, for the "The Conscious Creator" program and get $757 worth bonuses


If you’d like to live A LIFE OF YOUR MAKING, where you can create exponential growth, abundance, nurturing relationships and robust physical & mental well-being, then

It will go back to its original price very soon.

This is your best time to enroll yourself into this life-changing program and get yourself Unstuck from the unproductive states of mind to consciously creating “your happy & productive Mind On Demand”

‘Transcending your mind’ is the only way to access and direct your mind and I assure you’ll never be same after working through this course.

If you feel the alignment with what you’ve read, then know that your heart is in the right place. Go ahead and sign up for The Conscious Creator Program and get $757 worth of FREE bonuses.

Exceeded My Expectations !

The course exceeded my expectations. it confirmed some things I had heard before and solidified my understanding on metaphysical aspect of self. The video content was powerful, and I enjoyed learning about the knowledge on the breath-work, and the self-awareness to live consciously.

- Uzoma Mutaqaddi, Michigan

Every word of the entire course is 100% useful.

Course has delivered more than my expectation. Everything is Spiritual yet very logically explained. The entire process is explained in most easiest way in very simple worlds. Each module is related in everyday day aspect of conscious living. I found the Pranayama Breathing to be the best practice to start to Detach your mind & then De-condition & Rewire subconscious mind. Tools like Setting up Boundaries, Setting up Intentions are Key drivers. The process of Heart & Mind relation is booster for being aware essential for being a conscious creator

- Arvind Budhiraja, India

Meet Your Mentor:

Simi Arora

Simi Arora is an established life coach and pranayama teacher from New York, USA, whose mission is to help people unleash their truest power to create their desired reality of experiences. She bridges new age science and spiritual wisdom of ancient traditions and gives a simple yet effective way to self realize their inherent power and build mental freedom, inner resilience and fulfillment in life. Her first hand experience with mental health issues, recovery and deeper transformation make her relatable and reliable with her audiences and clients.

Simi has coached entrepreneurs , executives and business owners and several educational institutions around the globe. Simi has a tribe of about 90,000 followers on social media platforms such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube. She consistently provides wisdom and practical insights to apply in daily life through her videos on various platforms and engage deeply with her tribe.

I believe we can only thrive with our full potential when we look within and see the light we are, which is ever expanding, peaceful, loving and fearless” – Simi Arora

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The answer is FOREVER. You will have course material with you forever on your portal and you can watch it again whenever you feel like.

You will be sent an email in advance for the LIVE training schedule. The training will include Q/A round for you to ask question related to program material or any other burning question that you need help with

You can access your BONUS immediately. You’ll have an immediate access to the BONUS Content on the portal + the facebook group to ask questions, share insights and your journey with other group members. Simi go LIVE on facebook group every week and take guided breath-work, meditation & coaching sessions as well. All of the BONUSES will be available on your course member portal as you get registered for the program