How to set up Routines to Live Stress Free?

We all get stressed and overwhelmed with a long to do list and keeping up with the professional deadlines and personal life goals. Most of the times, people never really finish their to-do list which stresses them out even more as our brain produces cortisol (Stress Hormone) when it acknowledges that something we tried hard has not been accomplished. Stress is very cyclic in nature and also if you really don’t pay attention, it keeps on lingering in your subconscious brain. We all know the results of accumulated stress which is equally mentally and physically harmful. I’ve had dealt with Anxiety Disorder for few years in the past which was totally the result of the accumulation of stress. Without elaborating on that, I can tell you that it was the most devastating, unproductive and emotionally challenged time of my life. Along with many other methods of stress removal, building up routine in my life was very powerful to recover from anxiety issues. The process of dividing the time based on your priorities and number of tasks and sticking to the plan and time table is called routine management. It helps anyone to be more stress-free, mentally relaxed, highly productive as well as aids in …

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Deadline Anxiety and Stress?

Who is devoid of stress related to the Professional Deadlines? Be it a high profile Executive in a Multinational Conglomerate or an Operation Manager at a small organization, the pressure of getting things done in a strict timeline and with accuracy is a normal expectation. As we are currently operating in the era of high tech systems and gadgets, human’s are perceived to be responding and making things happen faster than ever before. This has certainly added a lot of Anxiety and Stress in our lives. If you are running your own business or working as a Sales Professional or even an 9-5 office job, you can’t escape the pressure of DEADLINES. Now, the question is How to manage the anxiousness and anticipations that comes along with ‘Deadline Pressure’ of achieving the target or delivering the project or anything involving your business specifically. In a study done by Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( The main culprits of work-related stress:  deadlines (55 percent) interpersonal relationships (53 percent) staff management (50 percent) dealing with issues/problems that arise (49 percent) The top on the list is Deadline Pressure. It’s clearly impacting the our mental health, physical well-being and also our relationships with our …

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How to not Stress on other’s JUDGEMENTS?

Sometimes, We experience Stress in our lives when we are pulled to participate in events, situations or activities we personally don’t enjoy or align positively with. But, we tend to do all of that so we are not judged by others as ‘careless’’ ‘snob’ or ‘boring’. The point is even if you move along and try to do the things that others think that should do, you end up adding up stress as you are uncomfortable or simply put, that’s not your thing!! Alternatively, If you do say NO to something you don’t want to indulge in, then also you worry or get stressed out about how the other person might be feeling about you. It’s like both ways you tend to get stressed out. Personally, I am not anti social but I am very choosy about people I hang out with. In the past, I have been called as ‘Boring’ as I just didn’t want to join a group of people for whom partying means boozing every friday night. Now, that’s not my thing. But, being labeled as boring by some set of people really didn’t interfere with my Self Esteem as over period of time i have learnt to …

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