5 Questions to Uncover your Highest Value for Career Growth

Jun 29, 2023

5 Ways to Unlock your Value Proposition & Unleash Your Highest Growth

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Today’s newsletter is literally going to be a 'coaching session' for you where you’ll have me (your coach) guide you to dig down deeper and find your powerful innate abilities, strengths and highest value contributions that you need to be aware of and use, to grow in your career i.e. to build and scale your business or land the best job offer possible or develop partnerships/collaborations with other entrepreneurs and influencers. 

If you follow my content on LinkedIn, you know that I talk about purpose, value proposition and mindset the most. 

It is because, NO amount of strategy can help you if you haven’t identified who you really are and HAVEN'T developed an intimate connection with your own truest potential and unique abilities. 

Clarity of your highest self, your alignments, your emotional paradigm and your VALUE proposition is what stands you apart. 

You’ll never have to worry about the competition in the market.

You’ll never have to chase your clients, recruiters or influencers for help. They’ll come to you happily to collaborate and support you in your businesses or offer you the job you were keeping an eye on.

So, how do I know this?

Because, that’s exactly what happened with me.

After I implemented the approach that I am going to share with you, my business started growing faster and brought me the opportunities to create more impact through several podcast interviews, national and international media exposure and multiple other financial opportunities. 


"Your personal brand needs your VALUE proposition."

And, whether it’s your business or job career growth, in today’s competitive world, you NEED your personal brand to lead with authority and credibility and grow your career, no matter the seasons or the economic trends.

I build my personal brand through LinkedIn platform and indeed it’s still the best platform that has way higher opportunity for creators to make their own space organically. 

If you are also interested in building your personal brand on LinkedIn and leverage it to scale your job career or business, you can schedule your FREE consultation call by using this link. 


Okay, so let’s now get to the COACHING QUESTIONS.

And, I really want you take this seriously because your growth is a serious business.

Before you read further, if possible, get a pen and a paper and start to answer some of the questions you’ll read below.


#1 Does your current career align with your personal values in your daily work life?

If yes, how can you use your TOP VALUES in your daily work activities?

It could be a difficult question to answer because so many of us are not even aware of our top personal values.

So, to help you further, click on the below  image to DOWNLOAD your “Value Questionnaire” sheet to help you IDENTIFY your values and then assess whether you are compromising on them or using them. 


#2 Notice painful challenges that you overcame and brought transformation in your life? 

 Let's be clear that our professional and personal lives are not two separate part of our life.

They are deeply connected.

Who you are today is the sum total of beliefs, learnings, experiences and growth path you followed over the years and it has shaped your personality and compelled you to make the career choices you made. 

For me, quitting my job and building my business from ground zero was a huge transformation that completely changed my life. From my daily routines, lifestyle, mindset to relationships, it impacted everything in a good way. 

And, now I help people build their business so they can live a life that’s meaningful, impactful and alongside generate the ability for them to make a lot more than they ever did.

So, in nutshell, my value proposition is to help people unlock their highest VALUE, build and monetize their personal brand through their product, service or job.  

Try spending time exploring some of your recent or past transformations,️ learnings or big shifts that you can expand upon to launch your one person business or look for a job career that is in alignment with those shifts. 


#3 Your UNIQUE skill or ability that you’d like to turn into a high income skill, your passion business? 

Many of us have multiple passions, and during my one on one coaching with executives, business owners and professionals, I often find them struggling to choose one passion that can be converted into income.

Do you feel the same way?

The truth is every passion can be converted into a high income skill that helps people transform their life.  


You could be a song writer and writing songs is natural to you and you find yourself scribbling and making songs while doing your day job.

For you, this is just normal expression of your being as your talent but for some people who want to learn song writing, they’d be willing to pay thousands of dollars to learn to become a great song writer.

You see where this is going.

There is an audience for every passion, every talent and every skill under the sun.

You need to choose yours so it becomes your highest valuable contribution and aids in building a successful business once properly packaged. 

# 4 What positive feedback or compliments have you received from others about your contributions? 

The positive feedback serves as external validation of your skills and contributions, helping you identify the aspects of your work that are highly valued by others. 

It allows you to define and refine your value proposition, ultimately guiding your business strategy and positioning you as an expert in your field.

Here’s a real life example:

Imagine you are a graphic designer running your own business and you consistently receive positive feedback from clients, colleagues, and industry professionals praising your ability to create visually stunning and impactful designs that effectively communicate the intended message.

Upon hearing these compliments, you start to recognize a pattern of appreciation for your skills in visual storytelling and your talent for translating complex ideas into compelling visual representations. This feedback highlights a specific aspect of your work that sets you apart from other graphic designers.

Clearly, then you realize that your value proposition lies in your expertise in visual storytelling and your knack for creating designs that not only capture attention but also evoke emotions and drive desired actions. 

This insight allows you to position yourself as a graphic designer who specializes in creating captivating visual narratives that help businesses effectively communicate their brand and message to their target audience.

So, what are you hearing the most about yourself?

About your style of working, your personality or your specific skill set ?


# 5 Prioritise, Refine & Validate

Now, let’s say you are coming up with more than one value proposition, then you need to prioritize the ONE based on feasibility, market demand, and personal interest.

Choose the most promising value proposition that resonate with your strengths and have the potential for market success because your end goal here is to grow your career path in alignment with your heart, mind and potential. 

Next is to share your value proposition with trusted colleagues, mentors, or potential customers to gather feedback. 

Listen carefully to their insights and refine your ideas accordingly. 

You might have to iterate and experiment until you find a value proposition that truly resonates and holds strong potential.

And, once you have crossed this last  hurdle, you are all set to embark on the journey of building your personal brand that specifically caters to an audience with your specific offerings, insights, solutions or services.



It is your duty to do justice to your innate potential and find ways to express this through your work thereby taking the time to develop and communicate your value proposition and personal brand is vital for your highest success. 

When you enjoy what you do, work isn't only work, it becomes your artistic expression. 

Never settle for less than the best you can offer to yourself and then to the world outside. 


Whenever you are ready, I can help you one on one to build your value proposition and personal brand to active the power of leveraging for your desired growth and success.

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