How to Write Magnetic Hooks on LinkedIn

Mar 20, 2024

 Ever wonder why some LinkedIn posts get tons of likes, comments, and shares, and others just... don’t? 🤔 It's all about that first impression – the hook!

Grabbing attention on LinkedIn isn’t just nice; it’s necessary. And I’m here to spill the tea on making your posts irresistible.

Ready? Let’s dive in!



Step 1: What’s Your Story?

Alright, let's break it down. Your LinkedIn post needs to start from somewhere, right? That "somewhere" is your story. But don't just pick any story. You want one that pops, one that makes your readers go, "Oh, I need to hear this!"

- Find Your Spark

Your story could be anything. Did you just nail a big project at work? Or maybe you learned something the hard way that totally changed how you see things? Whatever it is, it’s got to be something that you're excited about. If you're not feeling it, neither will your readers.

- Relatable is Key

Think about what your network on LinkedIn will connect with. If you’ve faced a challenge that’s common in your industry, share how you overcame it. People love seeing that someone else has gone through the same struggles they have. It’s like saying, “Hey, I get you.”

- The “Aha” Moment

Every great story has that “Aha” moment. You know, when the light bulb goes off and everything makes sense. Find that moment in your story. It might be a realization you had, a piece of advice that hit home, or a strategy that finally worked.

- Make It Visual

If you can, add a photo or a graphic to bring your story to life. Did you work on a project? Show us a snapshot of it in action. Visuals grab attention and can make your post stand out in a sea of text.


Step 2: The Golden Nugget

Now, find that one killer takeaway from your story. This is what you want your readers to remember, even if they forget everything else.

Ask yourself, “What’s the core message here?” It’s easy to get lost in the details, but what you’re aiming for is that one line or idea that sums up your story in a powerful way. This is your headline, your tweet, the thing people will quote.

  • Your Golden Nugget should be something that resonates on a personal level with your audience. It could be a universal truth, a surprising insight, or a hard-earned lesson. Think about how your experience reflects larger themes that others can connect with.
  • Everything you write should build up to or stem from this central idea. This ensures your post is cohesive and keeps your readers focused on the main message.


Step 3: Spark That Curiosity

Why should someone care about your post? Make them wonder, make them curious. You want them to think, “I’ve GOT to know more!”

Here are three more pointers to help ignite that spark:


👉 Ask Intriguing Questions

Kick off your post with a question that makes your audience pause and think. It could be something that challenges conventional wisdom or a common dilemma in your industry.

The key is to ask something that your readers don't immediately have an answer to but want to find out. For example, "Ever wondered why 90% of startups fail within the first year?" This approach taps into natural curiosity and invites readers into a conversation.

👉 Tease with Partial Information

Give your readers a taste, but not the whole cake. Share an interesting fact or a surprising statistic from your story, but leave out the context or the conclusion.

This method creates a gap in knowledge that the reader will want to fill by reading your post.

For instance, "I discovered one change that boosted my productivity by 50%." This promises an interesting revelation, making readers curious about what that change was.

👉 Use Vivid Imagery or Analogies

When you start your post with an image that readers can visualize, they're more likely to be intrigued. For example, "Walking into that meeting felt like stepping into a lion's den with nothing but a paper shield."

Immediately, readers want to know the story behind this vivid imagery. It’s an effective way to draw readers into the narrative, making them eager to learn more about your experience or insight.


Step 4: Get Personal

Use words like “You,” “Your,” “How I,” “How to,” or “I.” It makes your post feel like a one-on-one chat, which is way more engaging.

  • Short Stories: Drop a quick, personal story that shines a light on your point.
  • Feelings Front and Center: Share how things made you feel; it adds depth.
  • Invite Chats: End with a question to spark replies and shares.


Step 5: Keep it simple & Short

Keep your hook short - 7 to 10 words max. It’s like a teaser, not the whole movie.

  • A longer hook risks being overlooked entirely because readers might not have the patience or interest to wade through a lengthy introduction to get to the point.
  • A short, punchy hook, on the other hand, is easy to digest and can grab attention in the brief window you have.
  • Short hooks are forced to be clear and direct, which typically makes them more impactful. They cut through the noise by getting straight to the point, making it immediately clear to the reader why they should care.


Step 6: Honor your Hook’s Promise

Ensure that your post delivers on the expectations set by your hook. If your hook is a promise of value, the post must fulfill that promise comprehensively.

➡️ Avoid Misleading Teasers: Your hook should accurately reflect the content of your post. Misalignment between the two can disappoint readers and erode trust.

➡️ Build Trust Through Consistency: Meeting the expectations set by your hook not only satisfies readers but also builds trust over time, making them more likely to engage with your future content.

➡️ Clearly Articulate the Takeaway: Make sure readers can easily identify what they’ll gain by reading your post. Whether it’s a lesson, a tip, or a piece of inspiration, highlight the benefit clearly.

➡️ End on a High Note: Leave your readers feeling that reading your post was time well spent, by concluding with a strong, memorable statement that emphasizes the value or benefit they’ve received.


And because you’re awesome, here’s how to level-up:

  • Solve, Don’t Sell Problems: Your posts should solve your readers' problems, not give them new ones.
  • Keep ‘Em Hooked: Every sentence should make them want to read the next. It’s like a good book they can’t put down.
  • Numbers Are Your Friends: Whenever you can, use numbers. They make your points clear and offer solid proof.


Remember, it’s all about hooking your reader with that first line and keeping them hooked all the way through.

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