4 Pillars to Build Personal Branding and Grow Your Career

Jul 05, 2023

Personal Brand4 Pillars to start building your personal equity online

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Whether you are a job professional or a budding entrepreneur looking to grow your business or even a seasoned thought leader, you need personal branding to stand out in this extremely competitive world.

If you can articulate your unique value and brand positioning, you'll be rewarded in number of ways.

In short, you'll build real long term growth path and fulfillment by uncovering your personal brand.

Alright, I know what's your next question, which is "how do I start"?

Of course, I am here to help.

In today's newsletter, I am going to unveil the four main pillars of personal brand. In all honesty, it takes time to build a personal brand but also at the same time, it's really NOT a rocket science.

All human beings are equally capable of building their personal brand. With the four pillars that I am about to share could be a great starting point to start building things.

Ok, let's dive in. 


#1 Your Brand Goal

First thing is to become clear on what are you trying to achieve. You need to understand where you are heading with the efforts that you are putting in to get your voice heard.

Your goal can be as simple as sharing the impactful message that transforms society, build your business empire or jump up the corporate ladder.

Whatever the goal is, you need to be clear so that you can craft your brand voice, message and attract right audience. 


2. Your Value Proposition

Your personal brand is your reputation and it's closely tied with your expertise and value-add.

In my opinion, this is the most important pillar because everything else can revolve around your value proposition.

  • Personal Brand Positioning

  • Personal Brand Perception

  • Personal Brand Strategies



You must have seen me talking about this a lot on Linkedin and I have helped hundreds of professionals and business people unlock their highest value proposition during my one on one coaching sessions.

Let me also clarify, that your value proposition is also not limited to your skillset.

It goes beyond that.

It is about a very niche aspect of your expertise that showcases your own transformations, your struggles, wins, background and experiences.

It's more than what you do and involves a large part of your personality and intentional impact. 

#3 Content

For the last 3 years, I have consistently posted content on social media and build my presence and expertise.

Especially, my voice resonated the most on LinkedIn and I am so thrilled and so grateful for the growth I experienced in my business and personal life.

When I started putting content, I didn't know how will it be received. All I did was share that I felt was true to my real life challenges and had a message for someone going through similar struggles.

Powerful Content with consistency can build your brand and we all have seen exceptional successes on social media for hundreds of creators building their brand power and generating multiple sources of income. 

To start with your content journey, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a message or an idea that can shift someone's life or make the environmental impact in some ways?

  • Do I have an expertise that is valuable and I can start educating people on how to use it?

  • Do I have a personal struggle that I overcame and now can support many people on their journey?


Once you have some idea of how you can be a valuable contributor, you can then start to build strategies, that are going to be around:

  • type of content

  • platform

  • planning and management

  • engagement

I'd encourage you to not overthink and start taking small baby steps that will help you shape up things overtime.

In a few weeks, I am planning to do a 3 hours masterclass on "Personal Branding on LinkedIn Masterclass" and it will contain detailed strategies for value proposition, brand perception, brand value and content creation.

Let me know by hitting a REPLY to this email whether it'll be helpful to you and if there are certain specific details you would want me to incorporate in it. 

Happy to hear your thoughts and ideas. 

#4 Community

And, the last pillar is community building. Community provides you with a platform to showcase your expertise, skills, and knowledge to a wider audience. By engaging with the community, you can demonstrate your value and establish yourself as an AUTHORITY in your field that can empower you to seek bigger roles with proven abilities and confidence,

As an entrepreneur or business owner, engaging and nurturing your community provides valuable feedback and insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

Listening to the needs and concerns of the community also helps you tailor your brand message and offerings to better meet their expectations.

Hence, it directly impacts your business growth and scalability.

You can start by building your community on any social media platform. Most popular ones are facebook groups, instagram broadcasting channels, LinkedIn Groups, Slack channels, or your private community groups hosted on your website. 

Choose what comes natural and easy for you to start building with your valuable content and use the opportunity to share ideas, survey and validate, offer genuine help and build tons of credibility.



We all have personal brand whether we believe it or not. Everything that we are or do is always getting perceived in a certain way. With focused approach, we can strategize our vision, perception, expertise and value add so we can be perceived in the most beneficial way and create growth opportunities in career and professional life.

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