Don’t you think that these days people are pretty much running on auto-pilot where there is no self control? It’s like our reactions and responses are based on external stimulus and usually they are pretty quick and not thoughtful. Let’s say, If someone wants to make you angry, it takes them less than a minute to do so and similarly someone just needs few minutes to butter you up and please you. Why is that the case? Why is human so focused on others opinions or external circumstances? And, do you think this all causes stress in our life. Well, yes, hundred percent. Let me explain you how.  It’s clear that when we are simply reacting to others opinion we believe what they think of us is completely true rather than having our own self awareness about ourselves which basically includes our values, visions, virtues and feelings. So, when we are not clear about ourselves and haven’t dig deeper inside of us, there is always a chance of getting hurt by external negativity or criticism which causes stress, low self confidence and low level of success in life. Self Awareness is first stage of Self Empowerment which is the ultimate state of living an …

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3 Mistakes that are stopping you from Creating Your Best Life !

Are you settling for a life that is average? Does your life gives you enough of a high to enjoy each day as if you were unwrapping wonderful gifts and beautiful surprises? If you are not there yet, then let me tell you, you are settling for less than what you deserve. Every Human intrinsically has the capability to get there and see their life as a totally amazing, high quality, exuberant and miraculous masterpiece. I get it. It’s not easy to really get to that level of life, but the good thing is, it’s not even that difficult. I myself had been living a mediocre life for several years before I got my breakthrough and self realization of what I am capable of and what my mission in life is about. As I realized my true value and impact and sense of contribution I could make into the world, I started to unleash my true powers and designed my Powerpack life. Everyone has that power in them, but sadly it’s hidden and sometimes even buried under the pile of life pressures, social norms, wrong beliefs and self limiting attitudes. “Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or …

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Stress Culprit..

Since I have been working with many clients for their increased stress levels in their life, I have discovered a strong relation between our mindset, attitude and habits with the accumulation of stress. I strongly feel I should share my research outcomes with you which can help you making a shift in your life as well. Today, we live in a materialistic world where self worth is often quantified by material accumulations, performance and powerful positions. Additionally, the current lifestyle of dependence on technology has moved everything at a faster pace than ever, which has forced undue expectations on people. There is false sense of urgency in the environment which is driving people to more stress and low productivity. Low performance in different aspects of life in turns increase stressful feelings which can create multiple psychological and physical health issues in people such as blood pressure, heart stroke, diabetes, anxiety and depression. BUT, NOT ALL STRESS IS BAD Stress can be helpful at times to prepare for a challenging situations such as a job interview, stage performance or an important exam. It can even protect you from danger by preparing our body to face a threat or flee to safety. As there is …

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