Secrets to Unleash Your Power

What makes a Rockstar ? Who do you think is a Rockstar? Is there some special X-factor or super power that one is blessed with at the time of birth or is it something that you can create for yourself. We usually treat the badass people who are just exuberant and the life of any party, the ones who are the limelight stealer of a sales department, exceeding their sales quota month after month, someone who has made people fall in love with them by their creativity, be it music composition, a painting or a world class artistic sculpture, as a Rockstar.  We see many rockstars in their respective fields and everyone loves them. Let’s see a few secrets that will make you live a rockstar life too.  1. Ponder over your Beliefs… Yes, they are crucial! We have all grown up in different environments and it has shaped who we are. Every society is led by a man made  belief system running over centuries and that is one of the primary building blocks  in a person’s life while growing up. Few societies like India, China, Africa, Middle East and others with deep, old cultures have thicker beliefs about many aspects of life. Religion, culture, …

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Mind As an Obstacle in Success?

Do we think about cleaning up our messy and cluttered head as much we like to do our closets or homes? I am sure if we all did, there wouldn’t be as much chaos, pain, regret, guilt and unfulfillment in our life. Since, we don’t know the importance of it related to our mind and life, we simply stick these daily routines to physical things around us. For some reason those things are more important to us than “WE OURSELVES” . It’s very nonsensical to emphasize on the outside world more than our inner world, for all the outside physical things are creation of our inside powerful mind. In order to do that, first important realization is to figure out the importance of uncluttering the mind, which could be the source of many entangled and unproductive thoughts. Mind is subtle part of our being and the originator of millions of thoughts and respective feelings everyday in our lives. We can’t touch it and see it but we know it exists and doing it’s work without even being aware of it. Both of our conscious and subconscious minds have different set of roles to play. Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalyst, often used the metaphor of …

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Do Critics Stress you out?? Learn 3 Best Insights and Shift Your Mindset

Isn’t it true that all of us are looking to be admired and applauded for the things that we hold so close to us and identify ourselves deeply with? At the same time, we do get hurt when someone comes and thrash or reject us on those “so close to heart” stuff that we are so proud of. Let me explain with an example. If you are great musician and you love the music you have created with so much of passion and love and now somehow you do expect people to like it. Now, some might love it based on their taste and some will totally dislike it. As we do live in a very connected world and everyone has the right to speak so we tend to find many critical voices all around us, more than ever before. This pertains to all of us who are walking on this planet earth. We all have told so many stories to ourselves which is based on the past experiences in our lifetime and we also want people to understand those stories the way we want them to .. but mostly it doesn’t happen that way. So what do you do. …

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