Top 3 Personal Branding Mistakes Holding You Back

May 15, 2024

I have been building my personal brand and for my clients for 3 years.

Since starting as a complete beginner and working my way up to a generous 95,000+ followers on Linkedin, I have learned a lot about what it takes to solve some of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants face while building their personal brand.

This also hinders budding creators, freelancers and solopreneuers to build their brand and grow their business online.

What I can tell you things don't have to be too hard especially if you put the right strategies and tools from the start.

I am going to share 3 problems with personal brand building and how to solve them:


Problem #1: Standing out of the competition

Standing out of competition is the biggest building block of building your personal brand.

If you are struggling to make impact even if you are posting everyday, then you are missing out a lot of opportunity on the table. Your goal should be in the top 5 people whose name pop up in prospects head when he is thinking of the expertise that you sell.

The reason why visibility and standing out becomes an issue is when you don't have clear UVP.

UVP stands for Unique value proposition which is beyond the features of the services you offer. It includes aspect of your persona, your unique methods and packaging to drive results for your clients/customers.

Before you build your content post, clarify your niche and UVP so you have the right foundation set up.

Your UVP should be the basis of all you create : whether it is daily content post, your offers and your brand message.


Problem #2: Inconsistent Content Posting

 Posting without a defined content strategy or editorial calendar makes it easy to fall into inconsistent posting patterns.

People often struggle to post content consistently because of following reasons:

  1. Lack of time

  2. Lack of motivation

  3. Lack of strategy

  4. Creative blocks

  5. Underestimating the importance


Do you relate to any of this?

Initially, I used to have hard time looking at black screen and not getting any ideas.

I wasn't consistent and It was really backfiring me.

Many of my competitors were boasting of making higher revenues or taking about client wins and here I was giving myself excuses why don't I post everyday. 

I realized I didn't have any content strategy. 

Not limited to a content calendar.

Strategy comprises of content system that includes your content ideation, curation, production and distribution.

Once I established that for myself, I became super consistent leading to doubling my revenue.

In my upcoming course Personal Brand Formula, I will share that system with you.

You can copy my exact system and make it yours. If you haven't signed up for the waitlist, here's the link.


Problem #3: Lacking Engagement

You wrote a fantastic post by spending hours in research.

Got a few eye balls too.

But, no one commented.

You kept on refreshing screen and a few more likes but still no one commented or shared their insight on your post.


This is because of several reasons starting from:

  1. Content not sparking any conversation

  2. More complex to read and understand

  3. Lacking relatability

  4. Poor formatting

  5. Inconsistent posting

  6. Reposting 

Posting random content, articles or curated materials is not enough.

You need engagement to be taken seriously and act as a sought after thought leader.

Which means, you need to build engagement on your posts and have people share their own ideas, insights and build a sense of community.

Here's how my recent post led to great engagement because of relevancy of topic, intrigue by great hook line and giving simple value. 


Click on the image if you'd like to read the whole post.


Another important part is engaging on other people's content.

And, if you are someone like me who is juggling with multiple clients and projects, you can't spend hours and hours on Linkedin posting comments.

You need a smart strategy for engagement.

One of the strategy that I use everyday is :

  • Look for the creators in my network who post consistently

  • Make a list 10-15 creators

  • Post one insightful comment on their post everyday

  • Spend 30 min each day and build relationship

This is like bare minimum you'll do to connect with your niche expertise and make a mark through comments and attract audience that are lingering on those profiles.

In my upcoming course "Personal Brand Formula", I am going deeper into the type of comments, structure of engagement and system you can use to engage more, thereby bringing more attention and targeted prospect to see your content.

Solutions to overcome personal brand challenges are available and if you are serious to build your brand and grow your business, then first start by identifying the big challenges you are facing.

"Self assessment is the best assessment."

Alright, this is a wrap.

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