Deadline Anxiety and Stress?

Who is devoid of stress related to the Professional Deadlines? Be it a high profile Executive in a Multinational Conglomerate or an Operation Manager at a small organization, the pressure of getting things done in a strict timeline and with accuracy is a normal expectation.
As we are currently operating in the era of high tech systems and gadgets, human’s are perceived to be responding and making things happen faster than ever before. This has certainly added a lot of Anxiety and Stress in our lives.
If you are running your own business or working as a Sales Professional or even an 9-5 office job, you can’t escape the pressure of DEADLINES.

Now, the question is How to manage the anxiousness and anticipations that comes along with ‘Deadline Pressure’ of achieving the target or delivering the project or anything involving your business specifically.

In a study done by Anxiety and Depression Association of America (

The main culprits of work-related stress:

  •  deadlines (55 percent)
  • interpersonal relationships (53 percent)
  • staff management (50 percent)
  • dealing with issues/problems that arise (49 percent)

The top on the list is Deadline Pressure. It’s clearly impacting the our mental health, physical well-being and also our relationships with our family and friends.
So, Let me share these 3 Key Strategies which can reduce your Work Stress and Deadline Anxiety and can help you feeling stress-free and empowered.


1. Start to Work Backward from your End Goal

The idea is to not get overwhelmed with a huge target or a deadline. Infact, break it down in smaller action items based on your required end result. When you have smaller little goals rather than a big fat task or a huge project, you mind will not be overwhelmed and can easily accomplish the task in hand with greater efficiency.
In an article printed by Workshifting Team, It mentioned about importance of S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting which basically means create goals at the beginning that are S.M.A.R.T.- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. ((
Additionally the article highlighted on maintaining the list of specific goals, their completion time and then be able to mark off each and every part of the project as you progress, knowing with certainty that you are going to finish on time.


2. Unwind Every Day

I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of Daily Unwinding which is most important habit for you to instill if you want a stress-free, mentally and physically healthy life.
Unwinding detaches us from the pressures of your work life and it basically rejuvenates you, recharges your cognitive fuel, enhances your focus and increases your performance. This all happens as you give your brain some rest from the recurring thoughts of pressure and deadlines to meet.

Unwinding can be playing your favourite sports, hitting the gym, going for a walk, spending time with your family or anything that takes off your mind from usual work thoughts. Once you do activities that you really enjoy, your brain secretes dopamine and serotonin which are happy hormones which reduces anxiety and helps in making you feel more energetic and confident. The more focus, high energy and positive outlook you possess, the more it will reflect in your work performance and productivity


3. Practice Law of Attraction

World famous Life Coach, Tony Robbins has said “ Success is 80 percent your psychology and 20 percent strategy”.

Along the lines of making your plan of action to reach your target or meeting your deadlines, you need to keep the positive mindset, since each and every thought contains underlying energy dissipated to the Universe.

If you are continuously worried about the timelines and freaking out about the stuff that needs to be completed, you will end up emitting negative energy to the Universe and that will come back to you in form of negative result or negative emotion such as anger, feeling sadness and anxiousness.

The more you are aware of your thoughts and try to look at every challenge as an opportunity to expand, to learn and to evolve, the better chances will be there to achieve your targets and deliver the projects on deadlines. It’s simply because what we desire comes to us only when we ask for it in a positive manner and then remain hopeful and positive along the way.

As per Wikipedia Law of attraction:  “is the New Thought philosophy, the law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.[1][2] The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and that through the process of “like energy attracts like energy” a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships”

Law of attraction is single big resource we all have access to implement, without any limitation. So, use it to your benefit and make your desired life a reality.

How to not Stress on other’s JUDGEMENTS?

Sometimes, We experience Stress in our lives when we are pulled to participate in events, situations or activities we personally don’t enjoy or align positively with. But, we tend to do all of that so we are not judged by others as ‘careless’’ ‘snob’ or ‘boring’. The point is even if you move along and try to do the things that others think that should do, you end up adding up stress as you are uncomfortable or simply put, that’s not your thing!!

Alternatively, If you do say NO to something you don’t want to indulge in, then also you worry or get stressed out about how the other person might be feeling about you. It’s like both ways you tend to get stressed out.

Personally, I am not anti social but I am very choosy about people I hang out with. In the past, I have been called as ‘Boring’ as I just didn’t want to join a group of people for whom partying means boozing every friday night. Now, that’s not my thing. But, being labeled as boring by some set of people really didn’t interfere with my Self Esteem as over period of time i have learnt to be self aware and self accepting.

But the question is, why are we really adding up stress in our lives? Why are we not able to say NO to what we don’t like to be involved in? Why are we afraid of being judged? Why is someone’s opinion about us matters so much?


The answer to that is.. We are not Self Empowered !

Self Empowerment is the only stage where in a person has highest self acceptance and self esteem. He/She exactly knows what his values, visions and beliefs are and he lives it on daily basis. And anything that is deviating him from his life goals isn’t his thing.

And Yeah!! That’s powerful.

When you know how you want to lead your life and you know what exactly you want — you make choices. You have to. Your choices will define your life.

So, if you want to make clear choices, you need to first of all know yourself fully!! Be completely aware of your mindset and accept who you are in totality.

Now, don’t think that if you are thinking about yourself or making choices, it’s actually like neglecting others and being selfish. Most of the people think that Self love is selfish. In reality, if you are empowered, you have much more energy and love to share with everyone around you. As you can only give out what you have.

 “If you have love and strength inside of you only then you will pass it to others” So, today make a choice.

Make a choice to get on the journey of your Self Empowerment. Make perfect choices based on your desires, your visions and your life goals. You will get respected everywhere eventually. Even if you are not a perfect person on someone’s radar, it doesn’t mean you are not.

You are a unique being with your own qualities and uniqueness and you are here to live and experience that.

Other’s opinion is just reflection of their perceptions.. It’s nothing to do with you. So stop Stressing and Start Living fully- Your Empowered Self

 “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
– C.G. Jung


Committed to your life goals?

“You always have two choices, Your Commitment VS Your Fear” Sammy Davis Jr.

Well, i thought about writing about the Power of Commitment, the ability to focus on one task and complete it no matter what VS exhibiting a great IQ with no strong commitment backing it. We have about a million thoughts on what we want to do in our life, then we filter it along the journey and choose a few that makes sense to us based on the circumstances and resources available. A majority of people are not able to find out one absolute thing they want to do and commit to it with their heart and soul, which is the major reason for failure.

Few Steps, I have laid down below to enable you figuring out what matters to you and then committing yourself to achieve it with the utmost dedication and faith. Clarity and Focus will allow the “Source Energy” to manifest it for you.

Sometimes, you gotta be so innocently determined, where there is no fluctuation of thoughts, no assumptions, no expectations but just simply a bull’s eye to hit. I happened to see the movie “Forrest Gump” which was released in 1994 (Winner of Best Movie, Academy Awards) starring Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, who is physically and intellectually challenged during his childhood but grows up as an Honorary Army Medalist, a Ping Pong champion who is awarded by The President of the US, A Shrimp Boat Captain and finally creating a fat ass Multi Million Dollar empire as Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Forrest Gump did fall in the trap of being judged and bullied badly in the very beginning of his life by other school kids and teachers but, he cared less about the whole bullying and learned to accept life the way it is. Instead, he became more focused and innocently committed on what he was going to work on without being bothered by the results. The best part was that he himself never judged anyone and accepted everything as the way it was. He was an intense lover, a trustworthy friend, courageous, witty and unbiased.

This character was an Oscar Winner for what it expressed about living a great life and achieving success despite of where you are now. Each of us has an award-winning character inside of us who is willing to expand, stretch himself and walk miles and miles towards the destiny we are bound to create.

Let’s talk about few important steps that I believe help you reaching your goals.

1. Have a Real Strong Purpose

Deciding what you truly want without being afraid or judged is the first step to touch your higher self and then, working relentlessly for it, will make you the creator of your destiny. Make an unshakable faith “your companion in the process”. Having a strong purpose detangles you from outside distractions and noises, and let you focus on what you really need to do.

2. Stay Utterly Focused

One focused desire, one focused goal at a time. Choose it and then work on it. Forget the rest. Forget about expected results. Just commit. Commit as your life is dependent on it. Make a point to reinforce your focus every day by doing mindful activities such as meditation, affirmations and visualization. These techniques provide clarity of mind which helps you remaining more and more focused.

3. Don’t give a DAMN about anyone’s opinion about YOU

You and only YOU define yourself.

We all have people around us who want to keep us protected and stop us from taking risks like changing careers, following our passions or not simply not believing in our wild and big dreams. You have to keep all that advice and suggestions on the side and simply focus on your dream goals. You really don’t have to get affected if someone who doesn’t believe in your dreams as they are simply using their own perception of life and the things they can do in it.

What matters the most is that you don’t get offended by anyone’s judgment and opinion about you. You will discover your own self in the process of life by your own experiences and once you do find yourself, you will be amazed at the confidence you will radiate.

4. Express Yourself Your Way!

We are so uniquely built with different colors, bodies, mindsets, life choices, habits and talents. Each of us are like the different colors in the rainbow with it’s own identity yet so intermingled. When we express ourselves fully in the world full of multiple other expressions, we are creating a space of uniqueness. That makes us feel we are adding value, making a difference and being useful to the world in our own way.

Be it music, dance, science, storytelling, sports or sculpturing, anything, that is your thing, just express it. There is enough space for everyone to make a difference. Self Expression is most important in unleashing the Power Attitude that you already possess, which allows you to create Power Success.

Conclusion: Whatever you do, Commit with pure heart and emotion. You are bound to get what you want. The winner inside you is waiting to be awarded with all the gifts of life that you strive for.



Don’t you think that these days people are pretty much running on auto-pilot where there is no self control? It’s like our reactions and responses are based on external stimulus and usually they are pretty quick and not thoughtful.

Let’s say, If someone wants to make you angry, it takes them less than a minute to do so and similarly someone just needs few minutes to butter you up and please you. Why is that the case? Why is human so focused on others opinions or external circumstances?

And, do you think this all causes stress in our life. Well, yes, hundred percent. Let me explain you how. 

It’s clear that when we are simply reacting to others opinion we believe what they think of us is completely true rather than having our own self awareness about ourselves which basically includes our values, visions, virtues and feelings. So, when we are not clear about ourselves and haven’t dig deeper inside of us, there is always a chance of getting hurt by external negativity or criticism which causes stress, low self confidence and low level of success in life.

Self Awareness is first stage of Self Empowerment which is the ultimate state of living an extremely powerful, impactful, happy, healthy and fulfilling life. By knowing yourself, you will have a clarity in your choices. For example, someone wants you to be little dishonest in a business deal which can create much financial gain. Now this is pretty lucrative situation where you are lured and stressed at both time as you now have to make a choice.

So, if you are clear about your value of, let’s say honestly, you will take no time in making a bold choice and stick to it and get out of unnecessary stress.

In our life, we encounter many situations where having clarity on our feelings, emotions and desires help us take appropriate decisions in our life. If these decisions are in alignment with your core self, you will always be more confident and anxiety free. But similarly, if you are just moving with the flow with no clear sense of direction, it’s very much going to cause you stress, anxiety, guilt and low morale feelings.

In order for you to become self aware, first thing is to pay attention to your deeper self.

  • Figure out what type of work makes you most happy and fulfilled as that would be sort of your purpose in life. That might not be a current part of your life but it’s still in your desire list.
  • Find your core values which is basically set of virtues that you totally believe in and it reflects in your actions in our everyday life. For example, honesty, compassion, integrity, forgiveness and so on.
  • Write down your top 5 values and pay attention on how much you live up to them and how much you contradict with them while making decisions.
  • Be aware of your own thoughts and feelings while being involved in activities, relationships, business dealings and while being with your own self and note down what triggers what type of feelings.

Self Awareness comes along in your life with the help of certain practices which makes you more conscious of your behaviour and feelings. Some of them are:

  1. Meditation
  2. Journaling
  3. Sharing your thoughts with trustworthy and like minded friends
  4. Joining a certain group of Mindful beings and have discussions on regular basis
  5. Hiring a Coach

Getting on the path self mastery and empowerment starts by knowing the self. Once you open the doors to your inner world, you begin to get on the journey on creating a very positive, happy, stress free and successful life for yourself !


3 Mistakes that are stopping you from Creating Your Best Life !

Are you settling for a life that is average? Does your life gives you enough of a high to enjoy each day as if you were unwrapping wonderful gifts and beautiful surprises? If you are not there yet, then let me tell you, you are settling for less than what you deserve.

Every Human intrinsically has the capability to get there and see their life as a totally amazing, high quality, exuberant and miraculous masterpiece. I get it. It’s not easy to really get to that level of life, but the good thing is, it’s not even that difficult. I myself had been living a mediocre life for several years before I got my breakthrough and self realization of what I am capable of and what my mission in life is about. As I realized my true value and impact and sense of contribution I could make into the world, I started to unleash my true powers and designed my Powerpack life. Everyone has that power in them, but sadly it’s hidden and sometimes even buried under the pile of life pressures, social norms, wrong beliefs and self limiting attitudes.

“Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can.”  
— Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

Today, I am inspired to talk about the list of 3 mistakes people do that let them live a mediocre, below average and a sulking life.  If you are really an honest and open minded fellow, you will probably get some breakthroughs which can help you in redesigning your future and make you more powerful. Let’s talk about them now.

1. Giving Away “The Self Control” to Others

One of the most commonly seen behaviour pattern in all aspects of our life, be it our professional or personal associations is Low or No Self Control to outward stimulus. Many People tend to lose their self control and get carried away when someone pushes their buttons or does something that they don’t assume is appropriate or fair to them. Then they start to react based on other person’s actions in order to balance out the equation.

This is where people lose their power and let the negative emotions overpower them and tend to deviate them from their major goals and productive outcomes. When people behave or react exactly the way the other person wants, it seems like the control of their life is in other’s hands and with one pulling of the strings, they start to behave like puppets.

Dr. J. Richard Cookerly, Loveologist, in his famous blog, Healthy Self-Love and Not Giving Your Power Away has pointed out – “Those who learn how ‘not to give their power away’ to others or to old, destructive training tend to live more powerfully, enjoyably, effectively and peacefully. They also live more self-directed, healthful lives, and likely are able to do more good for others”

The repercussions of losing your control over situation and acting outrageously makes us uneasy and stressed due to inflow of emotions such as resentment, guilt, pain, insult, feeling small and low self esteem. It is proven when we remain untouched by some other outside stimulus, we create a stable mind and strong character which aids in succeeding in all facets of our life. You can literally win over everyone you encounter and experience boundless power and peace inside your heart.

So, today, ask yourself.

  • Am I giving away my powers to other to control my decisions, behaviors or life choices? If yes, then ask Why?
  • Is this making me feel less about myself?
  • What can I change to start feeling more strong and peaceful?
  • Am I going to allow others to hijack my brain forever?

You might get some quick answers and if you will pay more attention and further self introspect and take actions, you will slowly tend to train your brain to react in a way you want it to.

2. Wrong thinking about “Money and Abundance”

How many of you think that excess money is bad for a morally sound and ethical life? Or that more money or materialistic pleasure destroy the relationships? It’s so important to think deeply about these questions as they might be the reason that you actually never could achieve financial abundance.

It’s normal to look at a rich fellow and assume that he was born lucky, or has made excess money by gimmicking people in his business, or he is just extremely smart and has some secret weapon to invade the land of treasures. But, if we really look beyond then we see some special traits that play a major role in his massive success and abundance.

Tony Robbins in his awesome article, Are you Free from Finacial Fear (Link : has said “YOUR UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS ABOUT MONEY ARE KEEPING YOU FROM THE LIFE YOU REALLY WANT” which clearly emphasize on the importance of deeper beliefs you have around money.

  • Do you believe that world is a scarce place and people have to work hard to survive?
  • Have you linked more money with a prudent, arrogant and unethical life?
  • Do you think all the people with more money usually don’t care for people who are not that fortunate?
  • Have you tried to expand your skillset to make yourself more valuable so you can step higher in the ladder?
  • Do you occasionally get to go on the wrong side with people regarding money?

3. Giving in to your “FEARS”

Fear is the biggest enemy of creativity! It really is.

It holds us back from getting exposed to big and unseen marvelous things which could be a part of your life. Everyone I have ever met has some dreams and imaginations, be it opening up their own unique business, coming out of a negative relationships, travelling world to experience various cultures and ways of life, leaving their current job and finding their dream career, quitting smoking or simply changing their eating habits to have healthy lifestyle. Good thing i we all know we need to do something to change the state of our lives, so our spirit directs us to those imaginations and ideas but, the bad thing is we never take actions.

Now, What is the reason of procrastination? Is it that we really don’t want better lives? Is it we really want to sulk all of our lives and never do what our heart and mind cries for? No, we don’t want to sulk or stay in negativity. Each of us want to get our breakthroughs and a big and powerful life but what hold us back from taking action is FEAR OF UNKNOWN. It’s the fear of uncertainty that hold us back.

Human brain doesn’t like Uncertainty

David Rock, CEO NeuroLeadership Group in his article “A Hunger for Certainty” ( mentions “A sense of uncertainty about the future generates a strong threat or ‘alert’ response in your limbic system. Your brain detects something is wrong, and your ability to focus on other issues diminishes. Your brain doesn’t like uncertainty – it’s like a type of pain, something to be avoided. Certainty on the other hand feels rewarding, and we tend to steer toward it, even when it might be better for us to remain uncertain” ..

Since, Now we now know that fear controls our actions to move forward. But, you don’t have to be the slave of your brain’s projections about the outcomes and get confused (based on the previous experiences and memories stored) rather you can really influence your brain by the “power of your mind”. Your mind can influence your brain by using its mindful powers through self affirmations and mindful meditations. You can really train your brain to work for you and your wishes without being afraid of unknown results.

Imagine when we started to walk first, if we would have never taken the first step being afraid of uncertain fall, we would have never been running today. It happened as you allowed to let the excitement of walk and being able to reach at different places overpower the fear of fall. At that time, we had faith in life, more excitement and no fear and ironically, as we grow up, we have more negative beliefs, less faith in process of life and much more FEAR.

Today, allow your mind to overcome your brain’s barriers. Follow your heart’s excitement and give yourself an opportunity to break up the shackles of fear and take decisions that you think are important for scaling up your life. Don’t worry on the Outcomes. In the end, A powerful mind will surely lead to a Powerful life.

Stress Culprit..

Since I have been working with many clients for their increased stress levels in their life, I have discovered a strong relation between our mindset, attitude and habits with the accumulation of stress.

I strongly feel I should share my research outcomes with you which can help you making a shift in your life as well.

Today, we live in a materialistic world where self worth is often quantified by material accumulations, performance and powerful positions. Additionally, the current lifestyle of dependence on technology has moved everything at a faster pace than ever, which has forced undue expectations on people. There is false sense of urgency in the environment which is driving people to more stress and low productivity. Low performance in different aspects of life in turns increase stressful feelings which can create multiple psychological and physical health issues in people such as blood pressure, heart stroke, diabetes, anxiety and depression.


Stress can be helpful at times to prepare for a challenging situations such as a job interview, stage performance or an important exam. It can even protect you from danger by preparing our body to face a threat or flee to safety. As there is shooting up of adrenaline in the body, your pulse quickens, you breathe faster, your muscles tense, your brain uses more oxygen and increases activity—all functions aimed at survival.

Let’s look at our lives with a new perspective and figure out how much stress is Self-Inflicted stress.

1. Wrong Self Identifications

When you ask someone about their introduction, he would say “I am John and I am a Lawyer”. This sentence has a problem as it is letting John, subconsciously start to identify himself as Lawyer first and other things later. See, every moment of your life, your mind is your treasure and it is only thing that can make you happy and peaceful or get you a nervous breakdown.

When you start to identify yourself as doctors, engineers, lawyers, carpenters or any other titles, you basically embrace it so deeply that you really don’t know where to disengage. This all happens at the subconscious level as your subconscious mind observes and stores the information but unlike conscious mind, it really can’t do the reasoning.

When you start to look yourself as a human being who is more than a CEO, an entrepreneur or a salesman, you start to create a space for unwinding from that role and to get into another role which is less serious, more playful and your natural self. The simple understanding of the truth that we are not our titles or labels, but are only playing those roles to create the professional and financial life we desire. When you learn to disengage and come back to your “human self”, you tend you create much more meaningful moments for yourself and others around you which obviously makes you more happy.

2. Being Over Competitive

We have grown up with belief system of being able to excel among others and prove our capability. To some extent, it has helped some people to grow their status, positions or ranking in their life but mostly it has added stress. Now, when we are competing with each other, we are treating life as a race, where as it’s a very individual journey of our own set of experiences. Everyone has his or her own life story and circumstances which makes them take certain decisions related to their life and career choices.

You might want to outperform in your sales quota this month or you want to be the best cook in the world, is all possible but with it’s own unique style. You can’t sell better than others if you don’t have unique style of selling and you can’t be the best chef without your own flavor of cooking.

Anything that you desire to be best at is only happening when you unleash your hidden talent and relentlessly work towards improving yourself rather than competing with the world. This helps in creating a self image which is internally driven and stable. Your competition is with yourself which makes you less worrisome and more productive.

3. Imbalance in personal and professional life

So most of the time, your wife, children or other family members usually eat evening dinner by themselves since they know you are not going to make it and they have pretty much adjusted with your being absent and they are also kind used of your leaving the most important decisions regarding your children or house stuff to the spouse or others. Is this resonating with your current life situation? if yes, then it clearly depicts an imbalance in your personal and professional life.

We all have ambitions and we are willing to stretch ourselves to make our dream a reality but if you are missing most of the cherished moments with your loved ones, then it’s like building a dream world in which only you would reside.

Creating a healthy balance between your professional and personal expectations is really important. Before dying, the Apple CEO, Steve  Jobs spent his final days surrounded by close family members, and used his last interview to explain to his wife and children why he “wasn’t always there for them,” Now, imagine the man who created this huge empire of Apple products and changed the way we communicate entirely, was only concerned about what his children think of him and he wanted to explain to them about his absence and the reasons behind it.

Good thing is you don’t have to reach such a stage to realize the importance of your loved ones. As you manage personal engagements more efficiently, you create much stronger bonds with your spouse, your children and close friends, which gives you a sense of security, happiness and a space to share deep love. You gain more respect inside your home and outside in the professional world, which makes your self esteem rise up. Additionally, this helps you UNWINDING from your professional roles and makes you life much stress free and joyful.

4.  Time Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed by tons of activities in a to-do list and you don’t really know  how to accomplish them as they keep on growing every two hours? It’s a situation many people go through on a daily basis and it seems too stressful to handle at times.

The reason to this is the clarity on importance of activities and not assigning timelines to complete these activities. You can avoid these self-inflicted stressors by just being more proactive and utilizing the power of organizing things in order of priority.

After prioritization, you need to set up a certain timeline for the result and make sure you complete the task before leaving it in between. Don’t look for easier tasks to be done first but in fact chose the one which will give you optimal results and will move you ahead towards your goal.

There is a great deal of science behind the chemistry of the brain and the completion of tasks, which tells us that the brain releases endorphins (feel good hormones) as it registers the accomplishment made by you, which makes you more energetic and happy. A happy mind will bring more abundance in your life by accomplishing even more and more and obviously which will make it more powerful and efficient.

5. Are you in love with what you do? Are you feeling fulfilled?

I personally struggled with this question for almost a decade in my life,  until i was serious about getting to know the real truth. I was doing well at my 9-5 corporate job but deep inside I never felt fulfilled.

You might have heard many times about having passion for your work or creating a dream career where the love for the work keeps you going on and on tirelessly. This is truly possible when you give your imaginations, your ideas and your vision a chance to manifest.

Unless, you really do what you heart desires, you can’t be truly happy and would live a stressful professional life as your energy is not a hundred percent towards your work and everything extra seems like an added pressure on your shoulder. Since, you can’t feel it in your heart, you can’t visualize your destiny which leads to unfullment.

Sometimes, you have to leave fears and ask yourself  “Is this really the work/job/career I want to be associated with?” “Is this the deep calling of my life where i can make my impact in the world?” “Is this really what i want to be remembered for?” If the answer to these questions is NO, then do yourself a favor and start to follow your heart and give yourself a chance as you deserve to be exploding the potential that you are born with. It might seem difficult to make shift in your current career due to financial dependence, but it’s not impossible. “WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY”

Conclusion: Our mindset and attitude are crucial elements for a healthy, stable and

stress free

life. The more open we are to learn new beliefs and leave the usual old ordinary ones behind, the more we become in tune with the Universe’s energy. Stress is a waste of that same divine energy which is thriving inside of us and which guides us for an uplifted powerful life. If you will introspect on the

above said

points, you will surely get some insights about your inner world and will figure out the next steps you need to take.


7 Ways to Kick Anxiety Out

Anxiety has been a part of our lives forever as it has been used for ages to help us protect from the dangers. Our brain has been designed over millions of years to help us survive and defend against the threat. It’s actually a great capability of the rain, without it most of us wouldn’t be even be getting outside of our homes, walking on pathways, driving, conducting business or doing anything for that matter. But we don’t need that level of triggering of brain chemicals which we needed hundreds of years ago to protect yourself and families from dangerous wild animals or to hunt for a living.

In today’s world, we don’t have to deal with similar threats but still, anxiety is overpowering our life. The adrenaline rush, clinching in stomach, dizziness and nausea are common symptoms we all go through before we have some fearful or undesirable situation to face.

If Anxiety is troubling you once in awhile, it’s ok but if it’s overtaking your life and making you miserable then certainly it needs to be fixed. But how? How can we fix something which seems to be an automatic response? These were exactly my questions when i first started to experience anxiety.

There are some common psychological patterns that we all follow which makes us feel good or bad. I am not condemning some serious chemical disturbances which leads to an anxiety disorder or acute anxiety situations. Since, i myself have been suffering from it, i do know it’s no joke. It really is very frustrating and can lead to depression. Medical help is needed in severe cases but that is not the solution. Our thinking patterns, extreme stress, overly competitiveness, low self-esteem, guilt, emotional abuse are some of many reasons of acute anxiety.

I figured out major breakthrough points if focused or implemented can help a lot with your anxiety.

 1. Don’t Run Away from It!

Anxiety is never going to kill you. It’s not a deadly disease so first of all don’t look at this as one. The more you get afraid of having anxiety or panic attack the more your brain will trigger it again. So, when the episode comes, just focus on your breath and become mindful of your being alive. As long as you are breathing, you are not going to die even though it appears scary like hell with heart palpitations and dizziness. You simply “Welcome Anxiety”. let it work on your body but you just focus on your breath. When you know you are alive and nothing can kill you, you are giving signals to your brain of being “Fearless” which means brain doesn’t find it relevant to continue sending anxiety signals to you and eventually anxiety fades away.

Remember, the brain is not your enemy, it’s your friend, you just need to know the ways to make it work for you. Brain simply passes on anxiety or panic signals by taking commands from your subconscious mind to protect you. So you can exactly reverse the process through the conscious mind.

2. Look for the Reasons.

Why is it happening even at first place? What is triggering that? Am I doing something wrong? What am I so afraid of? Ask , Ask and Ask.

When you will ask, you will get answers. Self Introspection is majorly important if you are suffering from regular anxiety. I figured out from my own introspection that I suffer anxiety due to high expectations from myself in majorly every department of  my life. Also adding up was my loneliness after the failed marriage and facing tougher and stressful situations`in a new country.

Highly driven people also usually attract anxiety and depression as they don’t want to left behind others in the competitive world. So, What are your reasons? Find them out. For self awareness, one needs to be real to “The Self”. No fear of judgements. Be detached and see yourself as a being who is not flawless. Once you figure out what makes you fearful or desperate, you will know how to replace that with better positive and healing thoughts.

3. Start to Live in “The Present”


All we really have in this life time truly is the moments. So far we have lived millions of moments, some of them full of joys and some with sorrows. But they are already gone and what greets you is “a new moment” right now right here. Each and every moment is inevitable. If we pay attention to the inevitability of each moment, we will be living it fully rather clinging to the pains of the past experiences. What keeps on letting living on fear is our past experiences or future expectations. We are really never living this moment with utmost pleasure as we are either living in past memories or future dreams and we miss the most of the present.

4. Be in-tune with Universe

Everything is this Universe happening for us and not against us. Trusting the fact that life brings a series of challenges for us to grow mentally, emotionally and logically along the journey of our lives. We are interlinked deeply with Universe and sometimes moving with the flow is the best for our mental health as it opens us to the new experiences and dimensions of our own hidden personality.

How would we learn to care, share and be compassionate to others if we ourself don’t suffer? When we let the Universe play it’s role and we remain in tune with it, we easily let go of the resistance to change and cause less pain to ourselves. Letting go of heavy emotions such as anger, frustration and guilt reduces anxiety and depression and lead to a more joyful life.

5. Practice Yoga & Breathing Exercises

What connects us to our being is nothing but “our breath”. Learning how to use our breaths to relax our minds is the most important as it can create wonderful deeper inner experiences. Yoga, which basically means union, is a practice that allows to create a space where you combine your body, mind and spirit with your breaths. It produces profound relaxation by increasing oxygen to your brain and all muscles which in turns helps you to relax deeper. I simply can’t live without it anymore after experiencing the numerous benefits on my overall health.

I can’t describe enough in words the benefits of deep breathing exercises. Inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly can calm down the noises in brain and uneasiness in your gut in a few seconds only. It’s amazing to know that our breaths are the controlling mechanisms to our minds. We can deviate from a turbulent and panic induced thought or expression of anger by simply putting the focus on our breath. There are various Indian yogic techniques in like Pranayam, Anulom-Vilom and Kapal Bhati which are very powerful and totally healing.

6. Unwind More and More.. Specially before you go to bed

Our subconscious mind is always operational, even while we are asleep and it works on tons of memories, good or bad feelings we have experienced in the past, our fears and aspirations and other visual information. Once we are sleeping our subconscious mind takes control and gives us its impression in terms of quality of sleep, dreams we see and how we feel after we get up. I had most of my panic attacks while i was in the middle of sleep and woke me up with a jolt. Most of us can check on the health of our subconscious mind by evaluating how deeply we sleep and the kind of dreams we experience.

Feeding our conscious or active mind with positive and healing thoughts consistently helps a lot in channelizing our subconscious mind towards calmness, love, peace and safety. Unwinding your pressures and day to day stress especially before going bed is extremely helpful.

Think and write about any negative feelings you experienced and then start to focus on your top three wins for the day, things that you are thankful for and set up your goals for the next day. While we all go through negative feelings since we are humans, but the good thing is if we train our conscious mind to start focusing more on smaller wins, little pleasures and optimism, it in turn trains our subconscious to work in accordance and make us more happy, stable, full of positive energy and very productive.

7. Guided Meditation- Guide your Mind to Ease

A man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Autocrat of the Breakfast Table

Our minds can’t stop working. All we can do with them is to channelize them effectively so it works for us and not against us. We have heard about the benefits of meditation on our mental health and it’s effect on the brain chemistry. After studying some of Buddhist monks brains’, scientists were able to prove the structural changes in the brain due to the continuous practice of meditation.

These changes affect their response to stressful events, a sense of calmness and level of concentration. Most of us have tried self meditation but couldn’t derive the effective results. To my personal experience, guided meditation is a great way to start and it’s an effective way to guide your mind on what it should focus on.

There are numerous resources available as DVDs or on Youtube that could be a great support in your journey towards being a meditator. After practicing it for some time, you will see an automatic change in your brain conditioning and you will be able to relax yourself more and more anywhere anytime.


Some of the resources I use are available on Youtube. You can check further more links and choose what works for you.


Knowing what generates a good mental health and what harms it is the first thing to work on while dealing with the monster of anxiety. It’s really not any illness but a signal that is depicts our inner lives and thinking patterns.. A healthy mind is a source of abundance, high productivity and joyful experiences. We have to remember this one fact that our brain is subordinate of our mind and we can change the functioning of our brain by changing our mind’s energy and direction.

Life is a journey, not a destination. So don’t be hard on yourself. Breathe Deep, Play a little, Joke on yourself and simply pay attention and enjoy the miracles that unfold every day in front of us.


6 Simple Ways to start to Value Yourself

All of us are looking to have a best friend in our life, whom we can rely on, share our secrets and be honest with our feelings. Most of us have one, who is sort of our lifeline and we tend to fall back on him/her at times of adversity, as a shoulder to cry on when we have an emotional break down, yell and scream at when we are angry with a usual hope that he/she is not going to feel bad.

We also stretch ourselves in order to help our friend back when the need arises, since that is how the relationship has been nurtured. It is believed that a great friend can be the best counselor and can help bring the best out of us.

But, Have we ever considered being our own best friend, our best well wisher and stretched ourselves to help us bring our best?

It would be amazing if we are able to build up that friendship, belief and love for our own self. Here are some possible ways !!

1. Discard Negative Thoughts Immediately

Being able to identify a negative thought and eliminate it from your mindset is extremely imperative in order to get positive results. A negative thought generates pain, stress, problems and a vicious, never-ending cycle of more negative thoughts. Just like you dress in the morning, making sure we wear clean and fresh clothes, you need to pay attention that our mind’s thinking patterns are fresh and clean, in order to feel good and lead a balanced life.

2. Listen to your Body

Your body is smarter than you know.. Each and every cell is programmed by nature itself  to make you aware of the condition of your body and mind. When your body and mind are balanced, there will be a harmony inside and one becomes more healthy naturally.. But if the mind is disturbed with unwanted stress or an accumulation of negative thoughts, it will effect your body in many ways.

Low immunity, headaches, body aches, fatigue, anxiety, depression etc. are some of the many issues people get affected with. if you encounter any of these symptoms, don’t pop a painkiller every time you experience it, rather try to figure out the reason for the disease. May be simply changing the way you perceive life can assure you better health.

To know more on how to fix the anxiety and stress, you can go Learn how to free yourself from Anxiety with these 7 Major Keys

3. Look who you hang out with !

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

You tend to become who you hang out with since you are exchanging your energy with them and the replaced energy coming back to you impacts your mind and your life choices. If the energy is positive, encouraging and with high frequency vibrations, you will feel high and will be more encouraged to reach your optimal potential and be successful in your life goals.

In same way, you will catch the negative energy subconsciously and keep on dwelling on negative pits and failures. Stop sharing your space with people who don’t serve you anymore. If your dream is to be highly successful, make more money or have a healthy body, you have to be around people who are already living those life styles to be inspired and actualize it for yourself.

4. Accept your Flaws

Don’t be so hard on yourself when you do something inappropriate, we all do it at some point in life. It is impossible to be perfect and we are bound to keep on making mistakes till we fall dead. This is how we learn and improve. Our growth is subject to our failures, so there is no point for us to be so critical towards ourselves if we didn’t come out well upon someone’s expectations.

Your flaws are real as they are yours and they make you who you are. Don’t let guilt and shame sabotage your true self as you are surely more than the flaws you carry. Embrace them and try to change them with ample of time and ease. No rush.

5. Don’t go against your Intuition

It happens, sometimes we do things against our gut feeling and we fall flat on the floor and then we cry over the time when we could have made the decision otherwise. Humans are blessed with intuition and instincts which have been used productively since millions of years for survival and safety.

In today’s world we have unlimited informational resources, innumerable voices and opinions, which impacts our decision making but the most important trait of “intuition” is overlooked. Too much logical thinking has diminished the importance to listening to voices inside of us where as the natural mechanism of “gut” is more powerful than any external resource.

Listen to your inner Cuckoo voice when you are confused about something, you will definitely make the best choice for yourself.

6. Love Yourself

In our society, the word SELFISH has been used for someone who is mean and self indulgent. So most of people consider self-love a negative and mean thing to do where as in true sense if we are not self-lovers, there is no way we can really love anyone else too. SELF is the key to all the locks of happiness of the world.

If your compassion doesn’t include you, it’s incomplete. When we are kind to ourselves, we do things that please us and generate abundance of happy hormones, endorphins, in our body which in turn develops more harmonious and loving relation with everyone around us. So Love Yourself the most to love others naturally and make this world a better place to live.

Basically, we can rely on the inner-self like our best friend and create a wonderful strong bond with it if we are more mindful and attentive to our life choices. It will always support you and provide you with immense strength to lead the desired life. So, start building up the most important relation now, and, that is with “YOURSELF”