Are You Committed to your Life Goals?

Whatever you do, Commit with pure heart and emotion. You are bound to get what you want. The winner inside you is waiting to be awarded with all the gifts of life that you strive for.

“You always have two choices, Your Commitment VS Your Fear” Sammy Davis Jr.

We have about a million thoughts on what we want to do in our life, then we filter it along the journey and choose a few that makes sense to us based on the circumstances and resources available. A majority of people are not able to find out one absolute thing they want to do and commit to it with their heart and soul, which is the major reason for failure.

Few Steps, I have laid down below to enable you figuring out what matters to you and then committing yourself to achieve it with the utmost dedication and faith. Clarity and Focus will allow the “Source Energy” to manifest it for you.

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Sometimes, you gotta be so innocently determined, where there is no fluctuation of thoughts, no assumptions, no expectations but just simply a bull’s eye to hit. I happened to see the movie “Forrest Gump” which was released in 1994 (Winner of Best Movie, Academy Awards) starring Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, who is physically and intellectually challenged during his childhood but grows up as an Honorary Army Medalist, a Ping Pong champion who is awarded by The President of the US, A Shrimp Boat Captain and finally creating a fat ass Multi Million Dollar empire as Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Forrest Gump did fall in the trap of being judged and bullied badly in the very beginning of his life by other school kids and teachers but, he cared less about the whole bullying and learned to accept life the way it is. Instead, he became more focused and innocently committed on what he was going to work on without being bothered by the results. The best part was that he himself never judged anyone and accepted everything as the way it was. He was an intense lover, a trustworthy friend, courageous, witty and unbiased.

This character was an Oscar Winner for what it expressed about living a great life and achieving success despite of where you are now. Each of us has an award-winning character inside of us who is willing to expand, stretch himself and walk miles and miles towards the destiny we are bound to create.

Important Steps to Stay Committed to your Life Goals

Have a Real Strong Purpose

Deciding what you truly want without being afraid or judged is the first step to touch your higher self and then, working relentlessly for it, will make you the creator of your destiny. Make an unshakable faith “your companion in the process”. Having a strong purpose detangles you from outside distractions and noises, and let you focus on what you really need to do.


How to use the Power of Mind to create more Growth, Happiness & overall Success.

Stay Utterly Focused

One focused desire, one focused goal at a time. Choose it and then work on it. Forget the rest. Forget about expected results. Just commit. Commit as your life is dependent on it. Make a point to reinforce your focus every day by doing mindful activities such as meditation, affirmations and visualization. These techniques provide clarity of mind which helps you remaining more and more focused.

Don’t give a DAMN about anyone’s opinion about YOU

You and only YOU define yourself.

We all have people around us who want to keep us protected and stop us from taking risks like changing careers, following our passions or not simply not believing in our wild and big dreams. You have to keep all that advice and suggestions on the side and simply focus on your dream goals. You really don’t have to get affected if someone who doesn’t believe in your dreams as they are simply using their own perception of life and the things they can do in it.

What matters the most is that you don’t get offended by anyone’s judgment and opinion about you. You will discover your own self in the process of life by your own experiences and once you do find yourself, you will be amazed at the confidence you will radiate.

Express Yourself Your Way!

We are so uniquely built with different colors, bodies, mindsets, life choices, habits and talents. Each of us are like the different colors in the rainbow with it’s own identity yet so intermingled. When we express ourselves fully in the world full of multiple other expressions, we are creating a space of uniqueness. That makes us feel we are adding value, making a difference and being useful to the world in our own way.

Be it music, dance, science, storytelling, sports or sculpturing, anything, that is your thing, just express it. There is enough space for everyone to make a difference. Self Expression is most important in unleashing the Power Attitude that you already possess, which allows you to create Power Success.


Whatever you do, Commit with pure heart and emotion. You are bound to get what you want. The winner inside you is waiting to be awarded with all the gifts of life that you strive for.


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