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Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflicts are a part of our lives. Unresolved conflicts lead to build up of stress, anxiety and low morale. During this workshop, you’ll learn the easy and effective applicable insights to resolve conflicts at the workplace and in your personal life. You’ll gain trust and develop deeper connection with others

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Discover 3 Proven Secrets To Unlock Your Purpose And Make Impact With Your Authentic Expression. The way you think, feel, perceive or experience anything in life is your mental creation? Watch my free class to learn the proven path to enhance self-leadership in all areas of your life.

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Simi Arora’s Unique Methodology on “Mind Mastery” through Self Discovery has been proven to be a game changer for many business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives who are looking to create thriving success in their life. Simi is certified in new age coaching as well in the ancient science of yoga which enables her to help her clients shift the root level consciousness to attain practical outcomes that they wish for.