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Do Critics Stress you out?? Learn 3 Best Insights and Shift Your Mindset

Isn’t it true that all of us are looking to be admired and applauded for the things that we hold so close to us and identify ourselves deeply with? At the same time, we do get hurt when someone comes and thrash or reject us on those “so close to heart” stuff that we are so proud of.

Let me explain with an example. If you are great musician and you love the music you have created with so much of passion and love and now somehow you do expect people to like it. Now, some might love it based on their taste and some will totally dislike it. As we do live in a very connected world and everyone has the right to speak so we tend to find many critical voices all around us, more than ever before.

This pertains to all of us who are walking on this planet earth. We all have told so many stories to ourselves which is based on the past experiences in our lifetime and we also want people to understand those stories the way we want them to .. but mostly it doesn’t happen that way.

So what do you do. Stress out? Feel hurt by rejection? Or is there a better way to approach it.

Below are some insights that can open your mind to new perspectives and can transform your outlook towards “Stress on Criticism and Rejection”

1. Everyone has their own story

Yeah, that’s true. We have lot of identifications starting from our nation, culture, religion, status, labels and so on. With these identifications, we have developed stories in our mind which we continue to feed in during our lifespan. It’s mostly about who we think we are and how we need to be treated and looked upon.

Also, in our stories we also have perceptions about the world, people and things that matters to us. All these so called perceptions, beliefs or stories are unique and based on our own experiences only. It’s nothing much to do with anyone else’s reality. So, we need to understand that when someone is critical towards how to you look, talk, behave or even towards your work or creation, it’s merely the projection of their perception.

It’s about their STORY and their BELIEFS which has nothing to do with YOUR REALITY.

Honestly, I think it’s such a great understanding where you feel totally LIBERATED around anyone’s judgement and perceptions and without stressing out, you simply keep on focusing your energy on your goals and visions.

2. Stories are not as Real as you think.

Since your mind got conditioned based on the past experiences and atmosphere you grew up in. It’s a layering process where from beginning we tend to learn and absorb so much from the situations, phases and environment we come across. But that’s not total reality. Why? Because, simply it’s based on the experiences and conditioning which can be altered by new strong experiences and different environmental conditioning process.

And again, for everyone their conditioning appears as real as you think of yours. So who is right??? Both, right? And who knows, his story might also change after series of different experiences and during the journey of life.

So, for you to simply being respectful towards others judgements or critical comments become so easy when you simply understand that he is only projecting what is conditioned to and it’s his reality in his mind. This simply allows us to detach from the negative energy that we generate in our mind about others when they are negatively judgemental about us.

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3. You are not here to impact everyone

Here is the thing. We need to abide to this simple truth. Not everyone is going to be affected by your presence or absence in the world. So, focus on the ones who you think you can connect with, serve and impact positively. That’s it. Instead of focusing on the ones who dislike you, or will always be critical towards your choices, you make a shift and focus on only the ones who are supporting you, loving you and are looking up to you to help them in some way. Those are the people who will always remember you and take your legacy further.

We sometimes get stuck in negative energy around people when they judge us or are standing in our ways of our goals. But, instead of wasting your energy and disturbing your peace of mind, you pave your path with focus, positivity and hard work towards your visions and serve those who give you a shout out and make you feel great about yourself.


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