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The real problem with anxiety begins when the mind becomes hyperactive and anxiety goes out of control leading to feeling uncomfortable for most part of the day due to its manifestation in the body as unpleasant sensations or sickness.

My own Journey with anxiety disorder led me to discover the deeper connection of the human mind-body and understand the nature of mind creating patterns that sometimes can become a huge hindrance in attaining purposeful and happier life.

Recognizing and understanding the problem of anxiety can help you get unstuck and make you feel more connected with yourself. Some anxiety is normal because we can’t feel safe and optimistic all the time as our brain is designed to perceive threats and protect us {for survival}

Some anxiety is natural in human psychology due to the impermanence nature of life. The world is always changing and shifting and uncertain events in life can add up the feeling of unsettledness and restlessness in our system, as we experienced during COVID 19 pandemic.

The real problem with anxiety begins when the mind becomes hyperactive and anxiety goes out of control, leading to feeling uncomfortable for the most part of the day due to its manifestation in the body as unpleasant sensations or sickness.

During my experience with anxiety disorder, I used to feel like a knot in my chest, dry mouth and hyperventilation. My digestive system went haywire and I would have diarrhea in the moments of extreme anxiety.


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Anxiety shows us as a symptom differently in different parts of the body. For some people it affects their digestive system and for some it manifests as severe headaches, dizziness and heart palpitations.

Another very important symptom of anxiety is compromised immunity where someone may experience falling sick frequently with cold, flue or other minor issues.

My brutal experience of anxiety started with panic attacks. If some of you do not know what kind of attack is a panic attack, then I must assure you that it’s a very scary place to be in.

In the moments of the attack, I felt like losing control over my body and mind. An extreme fear overpowers and the whole body comes into the fight and flight mode almost as if I was standing in front of a giant monster who is about to attack me and all I can do is to run, fight or freeze..

In the extreme panic moments, I heard my heart pounding and the digestive system crashing leading to either vomits or diarrhea along with profuse sweating.

Unknown to this territory, when I reached out for medical help, I was prescribed antidepressants which made me feel trapped and took away my confidence initially. Later, it did help me stabilize my brain and supplemented the transformational journey I was about to begin.

“It is the most painful moments of your life you step out of the known and are willing to explore truth leading to deeper healing”

3 Ways You Can Live Anxiety Free

In This post, I want to share some insights on how you can take care of yourself while you’re experiencing anxious feelings and emotions. As I said before anxiety can be a normal experience in our day-to-day life, but if it is debilitating then it needs your attention.

Take Personal Responsibility of Your Mind

Pause and reflect upon your life. Taking personal responsibility and becoming more aware of what is happening as the sensation of your body. Your brain is a representation of your mind because the mind is a playlist of thoughts and emotions which are the key indicators of your behavior and perception out in the world.

The mind is to a lens through which you see the world. Your thoughts and emotions are perceived by the mind. If you experience anger, jealousy or emotional conflict, it is stemming from the thoughts which create the chemical reaction in the brain and release it in the body.

Your body can get addicted to these chemicals and it gets into the cycle of sending signals to the brain for more of those chemicals which in turn push the brain to think more of those limiting, conflicting and fearful thoughts. And the cycle goes on…

What I’m really pointing out here is that your body is the unconscious extension of your mind and if the mind is chaotic and overthinking, then it becomes inevitable for you to experience some sort of anxiety.

It is the mind that has to be dealt with and managed to get rid of the anxiety which is overbearing and controlling your life.




How to use the Power of Mind to create more Growth, Happiness & overall Success.

Become self aware and start to take the charge of your thoughts

Be aware of your thoughts. Take a pause and come into the present moment and notice your thoughts which are creating the emotional experiences. I must encourage you to validate these thoughts and not just get embroiled in the story because most of these thoughts are coming from your past emotional experiences and stored memories and learnings.

It is very clear that the reason why I was getting a lot more stressed was linked to my past mental conditioning leading me to a spiral of repetitive fearful thoughts that eventually messed up the chemistry of my brain.


Because every single thought has a representation in the form of a neural pathway in the brain. Neurons are wired together and build connections in the brain based on our thoughts and create patterns to release the chemicals in the body which then strengthens the pathway in the brain further.

Your thoughts create your body, your personality and your life {in totality}

Once you understand that your thoughts are responsible for the emotional makeup of your brain, then you start to become responsible for how you think and generate emotions.

Check on Your Beliefs

Focus on your beliefs and notice what beliefs are causing certain types of thoughts in your awareness. The beliefs are the basis of the germination of these thoughts so if they are limited or suppressive, you are bound to think in a limited way.

The most common underlying beliefs which might hold you back could come from the social norms, upbringing, education system, nationality, culture, religion and multiple life experiences.

Every belief has its representation in your thoughts and actions. In the present, if you are looking to get newer results and create freedom & abundance, then you need to change the old code of conditioning and replace the old and limiting beliefs with the newer and empowering ones.

Recommended Exercise: I would highly recommend doing this exercise where you write down the most common five thoughts that you experience on the daily basis in one column and in the second column write down the underlying belief that is the root cause of the arising thoughts.

Validate the Beliefs – Notice these written BELIEFS and check whether they are really the truth of your life in the present or they’re just the old habitual patterns stemming from some past history or some past experiences or being imposed by the culture or norms.


My endeavor is to help you become self aware as it is the beginning {the very first step} towards self realization {the ultimate knowledge}. People, sometimes, aren’t aware of the power of their mind which is creating their present reality.

“Nature has given us all the pieces required to achieve exceptional wellness and health, but has left it to us to put these pieces together.” – Diane McLaren

At this time, I’m working with hundreds of people one on one and through my LIVE workshops to help them develop mental mastery so they can cultivate inner peace, resilience, mental clarity and total abundance {without stress, hustle and grind} in their lives.

If you believe that you have this immense potential that needs to be explored, and you want to create impact and true sense of purpose and joy in your life, then I believe I can support you in getting there.

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