How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated in 2021

Entrepreneurship is a dream that every professional see, even those who earn hefty packages in their jobs! This is the love for freedom; the love to be your boss! The foundation of any business lies in the passion as well as the dedication of the business owner, who sets a goal for himself and his team(s).

Entrepreneurship is a dream that every professional see, even those who earn hefty packages in their jobs! This is the love for freedom; the love to be your boss! The foundation of any business lies in the passion as well as the dedication of the business owner, who sets a goal for himself and his team(s).

Many responsibilities lie on the shoulders of the business owners, like deciding the structure of the business, the culture in the company, and the continuation of the company itself, that too till when!

Entrepreneurship Is Not a Cakewalk!

Entrepreneurship is indeed an incredible feat, which, at times, can also be enormously challenging for the business owner. Entrepreneurship can be very overwhelming too, but only if it is accrued to success.

Some young business aspirants generally indulge in their venture(s) with a lot of passion, investing huge finances, effort, and most of all, their coveted dreams in these endeavor(s) towards creating an accomplishment in their business(s). But, leaving only a few who gain success, most of them lose out with time due to several factors!

The worst trait is negative thinking that digs you into the failure-pit. A single failure or even concession of failures shouldn’t determine the longevity of your dream business. The right approach and following certain fruitful steps can elevate and turn the tables, on which, you might be working.

So, we can say that it is not always the result of disorder or cash deficient that can bring a company down. Sometimes, enthusiasm is ephemeral, and another important factor is the negative attitude, which is the silent killer for any venture! As the emotion(s) shift, it could become very tough to keep up your passion for the business, specifically when new challenges appear.

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Motivation Is Important!

If you have an aim, then the desire to target it should come from within! Demotivation comes easily to anybody, but rising from the ashes comes to only a few. Also, sometimes completing mundane tasks and repetitive work profile(s) can be the reason behind this boredom or loss of interest.

Here, one has to be resilient and patient because it is only the drops that make an ocean! Making the daily affairs fun-filled, or for that matter, going beyond the extent to achieve the unachievable is an inherent talent, which an entrepreneur has to instill by learning through the success stories.

Honesty and hard work pay. So learning and unlearning is an art, which every entrepreneur must master! One has to understand this simple fact that businesses are not always flourishing with profit(s) and/or achievement(s), and finishing mundane tasks is also a necessity while you are in business.

It is only your passion coupled with your ambition that can push you through the tough to help you keep striving for your aims & goals.

Sometimes, your drive is tied to your dopamine-led award-corridors, which makes you want for more and more, and to keep going or to do something good again and again! Motivation is the working horse and the force behind your business ideas!

The Ghastly Impact of 2020!

Before we discuss 2021, we cannot put a blind eye to the year 2020. The surge of COVID and its trail of destruction worldwide is a kind of massacre that can be equated to the aftermath of the worst kind of world war.

The only difference being in a normal war, the enemy is visible and weapons are available for fighting while COVID being an unwarranted & unseen enemy. Several established businesses were hit and are still struggling to restore the previous bonhomie. Businessmen have lost motivation, more so finances.

The ghastly impact of the year 2020 is surely going to stay with all of us for the whole of our lives. It had been such a year that had blindsided many small and mid-sized businesses. Some new businesses even birthed with success, while some others tried to thrive hard amidst this whole chaos.

Such critical things thrust business owners from working with strategic intention(s) to reacting to some curveball(s). As we welcome the year 2021, most of the businesses today can well be settled into one of the below 3 camps, subtly categorized as under:

  • Blossoming but not believing in the success
  • Sustaining but cautious towards making any bold move(s)
  • Stressed, struggling hard, feeling battered and getting immersed in bruised & disillusioned feelings.

It doesn’t matter, which category you fall into. What’s important is to bounce back. No matter how depressed and rejected one feels, an entrepreneur has to live in the dreams he had. Otherwise, one’s business cannot run.

Setting up small term goals and living the dream a single day at a time is a great step towards advancement. Remember, you aren’t the only one; there are others too on this bandwagon. So, the brightest idea for all the entrepreneurs subjected to the dilemma is to focus on the goals and rewrite strategies with a mission to bang on 2021.

A little more patience and supportive understanding can provide the required impetus to your stagnant or failed business. Losses have to be undermined and taken in your stride. So, no matter where you, as an entrepreneur, fall, you should be eyeing the year 2021 with great caution!

You have to be optimistic while envisioning huge visionary dreams & goals that you must have made in the past. You are certain to have mixed thoughts and fearful feelings with so much happening globally, but remember, you are not the single one having these feelings.

This doesn’t mean that you become discouraged with this. New Year has come with novel opportunities to rewrite your rules, and also to stop settling for anything less while doing your business(s). Cast a calculated visualization somewhat different from the past, but to create growth in your business.

6 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Stay Focused & Achieve Success in 2021

Fortunately, you can have many ways for managing and sustaining your dying motivation in 2021 to not burn out and relive with business success.

Try to embrace the change

Changes are constant. In life, when we cannot expect all the days to be spent alike, how can a business not be subjected to happenings? We see a lot of upheaval at times and there can be phases of ecstasy too in commercial success when it comes to mining one’s entrepreneurship adventures.

Getting bogged down by failures or stagnation is something one should avoid completely. Eyeing the positives and fishing ways amidst hopelessness to bring in hope is the sign of a winner. A virulent way of setting positive milestones in your business is to innovate.

Short-term strategies, reviewing processes, and rhythmic planning can pep up your entrepreneurial venture(s) to a great extent. Simply, start with the process of asking the following questions to your own self:

  • What can disrupt your business that will change everything?
  • How can I be at the foremost edge of this settling change?
  • How can my business be truly relevant and/or profitable 5-10 years down the line?

These are the right lines of thinking and the answers to them will eventually make a businessman adapt to the undesired changes without falling.


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Always be in the appropriate headspace

Thinking right and being able to comprehend one’s own positive and negative thoughts will elevate one in pragmatic mental functionality. Focusing on what we have rather than what is lost is a great way to start strategizing. When the proper planning and development initiates, any business, no matter what gets moving!

Roadblocks in the way of success are a common find but dealing with them is an altogether different perspective, which a successful entrepreneur must attain. Giving up becomes easy but striving towards success is mettle. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t fear loss but how to recover the loss should be the objective.

Surround yourself with motivation

Being in a business means you are interacting with individuals day in and day out. Some people will demotivate you or ridicule the loss that you are facing but true friends will always believe in the dream you share.

So, like-minded and productive individuals in your circle will be a great motivational factor.

So, plan how to rise and take note of the suggestions given by your friends, not foes can help re-establish your failing business. Now, identifying foes and friends is an easy calling if an entrepreneur is aware of what is best for his ‘baby’.

Formulate an effective mission statement

A mission never misleads! A definitive dream or a mission can never deter you or the company with whom you are working from the right track of achieving business goals. So, never incept an entrepreneurship venture without a ‘mission’. It is like steering a ship without the captain.

Profit is an intention; it is not the reward!

Getting into a business for making immediate revenues is a vision of the fools! The sustainability of any commercial venture lies in the essence that passion has to be followed and kept ignited. A little dip in revenues shouldn’t restrain your entrepreneurial spirit.

Instincts based on the fire in the belly and a do or die attitude make businesses run. What matters is survivability and not eradication. We can get into losses, we need to believe that it is inevitable but measuring success in business with the maturity of ROIs is not the correct yardstick.

It is true that at the end of the day, passion doesn’t pay your bills, but money does! But retrieving back the profit-stature in your entrepreneurial venture requires focusing on other metrics other than just the profit(s). Considering the initiatives that produce results and impact the bottom line eventually brings in revenue, redefines your business, and restores stability.

Be confident and empower others

An entrepreneur is a leader. The day you dream of your venture, you are taking up the crucial responsibility of leading and nurturing people in your business environment. An enterprising personality with not only a brain but brawn is the correct definition of a triumphant leader or statesman.

Here, the reference is to the budding entrepreneurs. Even in the worst of times, when a ship sinks, the captain and crew stand by their duty disregarding the fact whether they will live or die. Similar is the situation now, the pandemic has sunk businesses.

Flowing with the flood is easy but sticking to a standing rock and gathering others towards it is an act of bravery and brilliance. This is what is expected out of a successful entrepreneur. The individual should be able to motivate him as well as others around when business is hit. Reminisce the milestones achieved in the past and surpassing the ‘hit’, one can focus on the ‘hilt’. A fine leader will be the source of inspiration and strength for the team, which will finally culminate into communal success for the business. So, keep flagging and do not flinch. 2021 should be a year of redefining and reviving. Strategize yourself to gain this vision!


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