How to Handle Anxiety & Mental Health Issues

Anxiety involves feelings of worry, fear, and apprehension. Anxiety is typically experienced on cognitive, emotional, and physical levels. Learn How to Handle Anxiety & Mental Health Issues with Simi Arora.
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Today I’m talking about my own Journey with anxiety disorder. And also how you can understand your anxiety in a better way and understand the reasons the major reasons on development of this anxiety in your system.

And how can you really take the responsibility and initiate a process of your self healing. All of us experience anxiety in different ways and to a certain extent anxiety is normal
because we cannot be feeling safe and secure at all the times.

Life outside of us is always changing and shifting and that kind of brings up this feeling of unsettledness and restlessness in our system.

But when the anxiety goes out of control when you are not able to feel comfortable for the most part of your day when you’re over thinking about things and when you are start to feel some sort of anxiety in your system as Sensations in your body.

For me it all started with the chest compression.

I used to feel like a knot in my chest and also my digestive system was Haywire.

I would have diarrhea I would have acidic feeling .

Anxiety can show up differently in different parts of the body for some people.

It could be the digestive system, the chest compression headaches and also it does affect your immunity if you’re getting sick a lot more than before then probably, You might notice Your mind is all over the place and you’re feeling more restless and anxious.

So in my personal story in my journey with anxiety, it all started with panic attacks.

So for some of you who do not know what panic attacks are then it’s actually a very scary place to be in.

Your heart palpitates and your blood pressure lowers down and you feel that you’re going to have a heart attack and you’re sweating profusely and it is sort of like a wave of fear that overpowers you and Feel the most helpless you can ever feel in your entire lifetime and that was back in 2013-14 and I was prescribed antidepressants as what we all know is the common Norm.

So while I was on antidepressants, I still wasn’t feeling good because it’s even a bigger trap for your mind and for your body.

So the first tip that I want to give you is pick the personal responsibility, become more aware of what is happening as a sensation in your body and stand that in order for you to get rid of this anxiety, which is overbearing you need to take the personal responsibility.

You can take antidepressant if it is absolutely crazy like mine was but that’s not the solution to it.

Second thing to remember is that anxiety is created by the mind because mind is a place of thoughts and emotions, which really is the key indicator of our behavior and our perception out in the world.

Through the mind is the lens through which you see the world out there.

So your thoughts and emotions gets perceived in the mine.

So very specific thoughts of fear of uncertainty of Anger of all those emotions that are making you feel contracted, making you feel some sort of fear are going to cause the chemical change in the brain and that brain is going to release tons of cortisol and tons of adrenaline in your Your body and when that happens, then your body gets addicted to those chemicals and it starts to ask for more of cortisol and more of adrenaline and then your brain has to think about those things over and over again that are going to create the underlying emotion of fear.

So that’s why we can get addicted to fear as well.

So what I’m really bringing out here is that your body is the unconscious extension of your mind.

And if your mind is in chaos, if your mind is overthinking, then it is inevitable for your experience some sort of anxiety.

What we are really saying is that mind has to be taken care of has to be dealt with if you want to get rid of the anxiety, which is overbearing which is controlling your life.

It is making you feel helpless and is also interfering with your day-to-day life to take the charge of your mind.

You need to become self-aware and start to take the charge of your thoughts your Need to take a pause and come into the present moment and listen to  your thoughts and notice if these thoughts are creating the emotional experience of fear.

And also I must encourage you to validate these thoughts just do not get embroiled in the story because most of these thoughts are repetitive in nature and most of these thoughts are coming from your past emotional experiences.

So once you understand that my thoughts are responsible for my emotional makeup,
my thoughts are On table for how I am I feeling in my body right now then what can I do with these thoughts.

How can I change them? How can I improve them and make them more positive for this you my friend.

First of all have to focus on your beliefs what type of beliefs are causing certain type of thoughts in your awareness and those believes are the basis of the germination of these thoughts.

So if the thoughts are negative if the thoughts are limiting and then there is a underlying belief which is holding you back.

So the beliefs could be coming from the place of the country or the culture the religion or the, you know, a different type of experience that you had in the past.

But when you are in the present and you are looking to change your thoughts your understanding that my thoughts are the one that are creating the emotional makeup
and is creating the chemistry in my body.

What do I do to change them and focus on your beliefs and the beliefs are disempowered
And they do not have direct support to the experiences that you want to create in your
life the outcomes that you want to receive in your life.

Then it is time for you to change those beliefs. And today I want you to do this exercise.

I want you to write down the most common five hearts that you experience on the daily basis and I want to write down the belief the root cause from where those thoughts are coming in your awareness and then you notice those beliefs and just check whether these believes are really the truth of my life today or they’re coming from some past history or some past experience right now.

Our job here to work with anxiety is to dig deeper into our awareness and know what the hell is not letting my mind rest to my lovely friends who think that anxiety is something very different than stress. It’s not when the stress gets accumulated and there. No active resolution of that stress it turns into anxiety.

So if you’re feeling stressed even a little bit stressed, I want you to do this exercise because anyways, this is going to be really really helpful. Let me know in the comment section below if you like this video and what was your takeaway and if you are doing going to do the practice of thoughts and beliefs and also let me know if there are some of the thoughts that we would like to change just open up just share your story because this is your platform the more we allow ourselves.

We’re truth to come out the more we get under the path of self healing.


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