How to not Stress on other’s JUDGEMENTS?

When you know how you want to lead your life and you know what exactly you want — you make choices. You have to. Your choices will define your life.

Sometimes, We experience Stress in our lives when we are pulled to participate in events, situations or activities we personally don’t enjoy or align positively with. But, we tend to do all of that so we are not judged by others as ‘careless’’ ‘snob’ or ‘boring’. The point is even if you move along and try to do the things that others think that should do, you end up adding up stress as you are uncomfortable or simply put, that’s not your thing!!

Alternatively, If you do say NO to something you don’t want to indulge in, then also you worry or get stressed out about how the other person might be feeling about you. It’s like both ways you tend to get stressed out.

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Personally, I am not anti social but I am very choosy about people I hang out with. In the past, I have been called as ‘Boring’ as I just didn’t want to join a group of people for whom partying means boozing every friday night. Now, that’s not my thing. But, being labeled as boring by some set of people really didn’t interfere with my Self Esteem as over period of time i have learnt to be self aware and self accepting.

But the question is, why are we really adding up stress in our lives? Why are we not able to say NO to what we don’t like to be involved in? Why are we afraid of being judged? Why is someone’s opinion about us matters so much?

The answer to that is.. We are not Self Empowered !

Self Empowerment

Self Empowerment is the only stage where in a person has highest self acceptance and self esteem. He/She exactly knows what his values, visions and beliefs are and he lives it on daily basis. And anything that is deviating him from his life goals isn’t his thing.

And Yeah!! That’s powerful.

When you know how you want to lead your life and you know what exactly you want — you make choices. You have to. Your choices will define your life.


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So, if you want to make clear choices, you need to first of all know yourself fully!! Be completely aware of your mindset and accept who you are in totality.

Now, don’t think that if you are thinking about yourself or making choices, it’s actually like neglecting others and being selfish. Most of the people think that Self love is selfish. In reality, if you are empowered, you have much more energy and love to share with everyone around you. As you can only give out what you have.

 “If you have love and strength inside of you only then you will pass it to others” So, today make a choice.

Make a choice to get on the journey of your Self Empowerment. Make perfect choices based on your desires, your visions and your life goals. You will get respected everywhere eventually. Even if you are not a perfect person on someone’s radar, it doesn’t mean you are not.

You are a unique being with your own qualities and uniqueness and you are here to live and experience that.

Other’s opinion is just reflection of their perceptions.. It’s nothing to do with you. So stop Stressing and Start Living fully- Your Empowered Self

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
– C.G. Jung


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