How to set up Routines to Live Stress Free?

Along with many other methods of stress removal, building up routine in life is one of the most powerful ways to recover from anxiety issues.

We all get stressed and overwhelmed with a long to do list and keeping up with the professional deadlines and personal life goals. Most of the times, people never really finish their to-do list which stresses them out even more as our brain produces cortisol (Stress Hormone) when it acknowledges that something we tried hard has not been accomplished.

Stress is very cyclic in nature and also if you really don’t pay attention, it keeps on lingering in your subconscious brain. We all know the results of accumulated stress which is equally mentally and physically harmful.

I’ve had dealt with Anxiety Disorder for few years in the past which was totally the result of the accumulation of stress. Without elaborating on that, I can tell you that it was the most devastating, unproductive and emotionally challenged time of my life. Along with many other methods of stress removal, building up routine in my life was very powerful to recover from anxiety issues.

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The process of dividing the time based on your priorities and number of tasks and sticking to the plan and time table is called routine management. It helps anyone to be more stress-free, mentally relaxed, highly productive as well as aids in the creation of balance in personal and professional life.

Now, how can you build up stronger routine that you would like to stick on without being too much pushy and miserable?

Best Tips to help you build your routine structure for your day

Do what works for you and not what any Guru says

So, here is the deal. You can only stick to the plan when you know it’s your way. We hear most people talk about getting up at 5 am and scheduling time for meditation, jogging or running, going to the gym and having finished major blog writing or for that matter an important task by 9 am. They swear by this plan as it works for them.
Though usually, it’s good to get up at early hours of mornings it’s not hundred percent necessary for high productivity, success, and the stress-free mind. I personally can’t ever exercise at 6 am in the morning since I have better physical energy in the evenings. So, I choose to do work out in the evenings and stick to doing my basic meditation at 7 am followed by my official work.

The idea is to figure out how your body and mind can be trained swiftly so you feel the least resistance towards sticking to the routines. If your body resists physical endurance in the morning, make evening routines. Figure out the best time you can be most productive for your professional work outcomes and then choose to spend those hours focusing only on that part.

When you start to pay attention to your energies, alignment, feelings, and emotions while performing day to day activities, you will start to notice what time brings the best result for what kind of tasks. So, when you prepare your To-Do lists, assign the tasks based on your choice and comfort to do them. You will see that you will start to finish your to-do lists efficiently as well have more time available for personal growth and leisure.


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Make people value your Routines & Lifestyle

Yup, I get it. It’s not that easy but it’s doable. If you want a life where you are not always dragging yourself and taking the pressure of the whole world who are trying to get you on their pace and lifestyle, then you need to put a strong foot forward. Honestly, even if you are doing a job as the 9-5 employee or running your own business or even if you are a travel blogger, you still need a solid routine set up in order for you to stay on track with your professional and personal aspirations.

Let’s say, If you don’t say NO to late night parties (excluding few times in a week) as you like to sleep by 11 pm and get up at 6 am, then you will never be able to get stuff done the way you planned and be additionally stressed about that. Sometimes, we feel that people will take us as an arrogant slob or boring and we give in to their lifestyle choices and lose our focus and determination. Fear of being judged wrong way can screw your routine planning.

Additionally, It will always add more anxiousness and stress in life since you are only the happiest version of yourself when you see your growth- either in personal or professional. Without that, you will always feel lost, less confident or stressed.

So, let people judge. For you, the most important person is YOURSELF. Be favorable to yourself. And anyway, when they will see you succeed in your life goals, they will end up respecting you more.

 Build a camaraderie of Like Minded ‘Routine Sharing Individuals’

Having like minded individuals with whom you share common interests, goals and visions is always a boost to stick to plan or routine. Like, I had a neighbor who loved going for a walk or biking in the woods in the mornings and after knowing that I was even more excited to continue my morning walk routines since I had a like minded companion now with whom I could setup my goals and advance my training.

You can find many like-minded individuals or groups on and many other websites. Share your views and ideas on these forums and then join other people who are willing to help you in reaching your goals. This will make the process of any routine a fun and you will look forward to it every time and one day it will automatically be the deeply instilled habit.

Having a support also tends to release stress as there is a natural motivation around which can push you to break your comfort zones and be at your best. Hang out with people who drive you and motivate you to next level of performance in your life. You will become more confident, empowered and stress-free !!

Live Stress-Free & Joyfully


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