Is Defensive Mindset Stopping You From Manifesting Your True Calling?

I hope this thought provoking insights would allow you to be more introspective of your thoughts, emotions and actions, dig deeper into your being and instead of just ignoring your true deep desires, embrace it fully.

Have you ever felt that your true desires are in conflict with your mindset?

Like, you really want to explore a new career, starting a new business, change the industry or job or want to step out of a negative relationship, but you don’t take any action because your MIND stops you to do so.

And, then you make excuses to yourself such as “I am not ready yet” or “I am not sure what is ahead of me, if I make this risky choice” and so on. These excuses or conflicting thoughts are basically your ‘FEAR BASED’ mental voices which keep you in the defense mode, and you remain stuck in the limited patterns with basically similar results and experiences in your life.


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Way Your Mind Keeps You in Defensive Mode?

To understand this clearly, you need to understand the nature of your mind. The mind is a medium of perception and you perceive and differentiate things due to the dissecting nature of mind. Without mind, there is no way you can perceive a thought or emotion, make choices and take actions.

Your mind absorbs information and store it in the form of memory, based on the intensity of emotion that you experienced in the past, such as pain or pleasure. Later, it influences your decision making by bringing to your awareness of the consequences of a certain action based on the information stored as past experiences. This all happens between the different layers of your mind which we also know as to be conscious and subconscious mind.

The mind keeps on building a defense wall for you to remain safe and in the comfort zone. Now we do know through many studies that more than 95% percent of our daily actions is the result of our subconscious mind’s conditioning. The type of experiences you had from your childhood till today are making up your mental structure and influencing your decision making.

Hence, everyone perceives the information and thoughts differently and make choices differently based on their individual mental conditioning. This gives us the opportunity to understand and respect others opinions and not get upset or angry and varied different choices that they make.



How to use the Power of Mind to create more Growth, Happiness & overall Success.

Now, the question arises “SHOULD WE STAY IN THE DEFENSIVE MODE”



As I said earlier, the work of the mind is to create memories and store information for you to perceive your thoughts and emotions and take actions. This holds true even if your mind only has a visualization experience and not an actual experience. The mind doesn’t differentiate between an actual or a virtual experience. That is why MIND HAS ITS LIMITATIONS and you don’t really need to succumb to its working and need to step out and live in an immense potentiality field.

For that to happen, you need to know the answer to the most important question in existence, which is, “WHO AM I” and to step out of the usual norms of mind and take active charge of your life choices “based on your deep and true desires” you need to build DETACHMENT WITH YOUR MIND

And, to do that you need to know the difference between “You” and “Your mind”

I hope this is making some sense to you. Because, as long as you are identified with your mind, how can you take control of it and create new patterns of thoughts which are going to be more in tune with your actual desires rather an effect of some past negative experiences?

Even if you don’t have the answer for “who am I” right now in this moment, you must know WHAT YOU ARE NOT. You are NOT YOUR BODY AND YOUR MIND. This understanding itself is a very big opener for a totally new understanding of the self, life and your true purpose.

When you are self realized, navigating mind towards your actual goals becomes way easier because you build DETACHMENT and then you start to DE-CONDITION your mind and let go of what is not required such as fear, guilt, insecurities, self sabotaging emotions and lack of self belief. This process is the most important one because it is deeply shifting your perceptions and retrain your mind to STEP OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE.

And, the last phase is the manifesting of your desired life by DESIGNING the mind. Clearly defined purpose and goal with a plan to actualize your life purpose is what starts to bring in true happiness, never ending enthusiasm, ample of abundance and a sense of deeper emotional satisfaction. This involves techniques, tools, daily habits and actions which brings new experiences for your mind to store. We also call this retraining phase.

A Quick Exercise:

So, now this is what I want you to do. Be fearless for a few minutes and write down all the crazy desires you have, all the abundance that you want to experience and all that you want to create in your lifetime. Don’t question it. Simply write down. Now, look at that sheet and notice how your thoughts flow and listen to them carefully. It could be totally ridiculous thoughts which immediately rule out the possibility of those desires to take the real shape or they could also be the conflicting ones which don’t clearly say anything.

Having this experience will show you the mindset you carry. THE DEFENSIVE MINDSET quotient. Your risk taking capacity completely relies on this quotient.

If you listen to it, then you remain where you are. No Problems. But, if your desire is very precious and you are so deeply looking to manifest and experience it, then YOU HAVE TO GO BEYOND YOUR MENTAL CONDITIONING.

Impossible is nothing but a mental construct. We can be whatever we want to be but the only thing we need is a supportive mind and for that you need to learn how to 1. DETACH 2. DECONDITION 3. DESIGN your mind and its patterns.

In my private coaching practice, I help my clients doing exactly the same. If you are looking for guidance, coaching and support in your life transformation and manifest a life which is completely your making, then sign up for a DISCOVERY SESSION with me.

I hope this thought provoking insight would allow you to be more introspective of your thoughts, emotions and actions, dig deeper into your being and instead of just ignoring your true deep desires, embrace it fully. The result is a journey that you have to do to beat the defense mode of your mind and get to do what you really are meant to do in your short lifetime on this planet.

I invite you to a Discovery Session if you want to work with me to manifest your true purpose and desires.



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  1. Saransh Arora

    Beautiful thoughts Simi. Whatever you said, is all practically possible. It’s all in our mind.
    If we can understand what’s in our mind and then do what we really want to. So we can live that moment or dreams or desires which we really want to.

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