Mind As an Obstacle in Success?

We all have been gifted the most powerful resource which is the "Mind” to design our lives the way we imagine. It is very much possible to use this gift to your benefit rather than clutter it with unwanted thoughts, images and recycled data.

Do we think about cleaning up our messy and cluttered head as much we like to do our closets or homes? I am sure if we all did, there wouldn’t be as much chaos, pain, regret, guilt and unfulfillment in our life. Since, we don’t know the importance of it related to our mind and life, we simply stick these daily routines to physical things around us.

It’s very nonsensical to emphasize on the outside world more than our inner world, for all the outside physical things are actually the creation of our powerful mind. An important realization is to figure out the importance of decluttering the mind, which could be the source of many entangled and unproductive thoughts.

Mind is subtle part of our being and the originator of millions of thoughts and respective feelings everyday in our lives. We can’t touch it and see it but we know it exists and doing it’s work without even being aware of it.

Both of our conscious and subconscious minds have different set of roles to play. Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalyst, often used the metaphor of an iceberg to describe the two major aspects of human personality. He mentioned that conscious mind is just the “tip of the iceberg.”

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Beneath the water is the much larger bulk of the iceberg, which represents the unconscious or subconscious mind. So, all our desires, habits, deeper values, anxiety, stress and self sabotaging thoughts are stored in our subconscious mind whereas the conscious mind helps us being aware of the current surroundings, sensing, acting and decision making.

In order for both of them to work for us and help in creating our desired life, we need to focus on cleaning up the mess and channelizing our mind’s energy to our benefit.

Since, our life is governed by how effectively we use our biggest asset, our mind, it’s no wonder how some people can be far more successful and happier than others.

It’s not simply about where were you born or what level of education you acquired or what have you accumulated through your profession and hard work, but it’s more about how happy you felt, how healthy you lived and how fulfilled you felt during all the years.

How Mind Can be and Obstacle to Your Success

~Let’s look at various clues if you seem to be living a mindless life where you are simply on auto-pilot and not paying attention to your thoughts and habits.

Not Fully Present in the Moment

“Don’t dwell in the past, don’t dream of future, Concentrate the mind on the present moment” – Buddha This is what happens when a person doesn’t know how to stop the mindless thinking and just always remain absent minded.

He is not fully present in the moment and is unaware of the beauty of his surrounding and doesn’t enjoy the little miracles of life. His engagement with himself and others is usually shallow and he finds it difficult to form strong connections which certainly makes him lonely, depressed, closed and hurt.

There is a possibility of him seeing the world as futile and cruel place and doesn’t enjoy his being and life with sense of gratitude and fulfilment.

Impulsive Decision Making

How could possibly be a busy and entangled mind take rational and strong decisions? Usually an unfocused and unclear mind is the reason why a person reacts faster and make wrong decisions as they are basically taken on without thinking in the right perspective.

When the mind is busy recycling past sequences or anticipating the future outcomes, it loses its ability to remain fully functional and work out the best way to handle the situation at hand.


How to use the Power of Mind to create more Growth, Happiness & overall Success.

Never Ending Cycle of Negative Emotions

De-cluttering or Cleaning up your mind is so very important to break the vicious cycle of negative thoughts and emotions.One Self-Sabotaging thought such as guilt, can add much more negative emotions on top of it, such as low self confidence, hurt embarrassment, remorse and depression.

This is usually the reason why people become suicidal as they are not aware about how they are continually attracting more and more negative and painful thoughts, which finally takes the power away from positive mindset and leave them powerless and depressed.

Likely to Live an Unhealthy Life

Health is straight away related to how you think and act. If your mind energy is going against you, you have not much power over your senses and are either addicted or indulged in pleasure seeking activities which can possibly create a health issue in future.

Mindless eating, drinking or smoking are some of examples through which people get serious health issues and sometimes die pretty young. Our mindless living styles and not having control over our sense of pleasure has given us havoc of STD and AIDS which has ruined multiple lives. It’s all related to the capacity of being aware of our actions backed by the relative thoughts generated by your own mind.

—- So, above are some of the mild to very serious life affects that can crawl in and show up at some point in our life if we are not making mindful choices in our life. But the good thing is, it is very much possible to turn things around and create a life which is totally productive, healthy, abundant, financially stable, successful and very fulfilling if we know how to channelise our mind resource into the right direction.

How Can You Overcome your Mind ?

>>I am going to lay down a few key points that if implemented, can help you de-clutter your mind and make it your best friend in your journey of making a powerful life-

De-clutter by Daily Introspection- BE MINDFUL

Set up some time aside in your day, when you are not being disturbed by any human or any other activity. This should be your reflection time which involves just “being with yourself and be an observer of your thoughts”.

By simply detaching yourself with the agendas, tasks at hand and the consequences, you can observe the flow of your thoughts and the feelings they generate. This will allow you to understand various feelings and behaviours which are attached to certain people, relationships, work life and your feelings about yourself. This the door opener to the mind and its mysteries. Daily Introspection leads to “Self Discovery” which is most important to lead a life that you actually aspire and live.

Track Your Thoughts and Emotions- NEVER DENY THEM

Note down some key thoughts that arise during your introspection time specially if you have them flashing again and again. Reason to that involves the important effect these might be putting on the choices and decisions you make in your life.

We all have our own prism, called, Individual Perceptions, to look at things around us and these are the key triggers why we make certain decisions or project specific behavior regarding life events.

For an instance, if your mind reflects a thought of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in your job or career over and over again, you need to address that thought either by asking further questions and the reasons of that feeling so that you can then make decisions to fix it.

Denial is the worst habit as even if you consciously avoid to getting deeper into that conversation, your subconscious will always bring that up and make you stressed and anxious. So, resolving the issues with your deeper subconscious mind is key to maintaining a healthy mental life.

Detach from your Roles – UNWIND DAILY

It is so very important to unwind your mind from all the roles we play in our lives. In today’s lifestyles of competition, material accumulation and more orientation towards worldly success, we have forgotten the essence of “Being Natural Self”.

As much as it is important to be connected and create a financially abundant life for ourselves, it is equally important to decompress to have a healthy mind and healthy body. Unwinding helps the mind to detach naturally from the so-called worldly roles we play and focus on the moments of natural joy of ‘simply being’.

Some of the best activities that can help decompressing is basically the simplest, such as walking in nature, hiking, playing with pets, taking kid to a park, listening to music or any other creative activity.

We all know that we have some special hobbies and things that we love to do without any expectation of rewards but ironically, we have started to think it as wastage of our time because we have been trained to link the use of time to the materialistic rewards only, whereas the reward or the result we get by doing activities we love is far more magical and delightful and it actually does increase mind’s potential to do better in all the physical aspects of our life as well.

Unwinding is not a luxury but in fact a necessity that we need to build in our lives to keep on enjoying the vital mental and physical health and our performance in this huge world.

Help your Mind to Help you- YOUR BEST GADGET

The more you listen to your mind’s clues and work on them, the more you will be able to feed in your mind with the desired energy and information to succeed in your life. THIS IS YOUR BIGGEST RESOURCE FOR SUCCESS. You have to simply understand this truth. From your attitude to your perceptions to your actions, everything is originated from a single thought and that thought has risen based on what you have actively worked upon in the past.

So, in order to design your happy, productive and fulfilling lifestyle, you would need to focus on instilling the thoughts and relative actions that support your goals. The more you start to engage in activities such as living with your values and beliefs, hanging out with like minded individuals, connecting with useful resources and utilizing your time in balanced way, you will be able to draw a road map of your personal and professional powerpack success easily.


We all have been gifted the most powerful resource which is the “Mind” to design our lives the way we imagine. It is very much possible to use this gift to your benefit rather than clutter it with unwanted thoughts, images and recycled data.

Just like a computer or smart device or car need cleaning and maintenance, it’s even more important to clean up and maintain our own memory and action field of supremely powerful resource – THE MIND. If you introspect on few ideas being mentioned above and implement them, you will see the result in form of better life choices, worldly success, more sense of happiness and fulfillment.



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