Raise Resilience

with Simi Arora

Virtual Workplace Wellness Program

Raise Resilience

with Simi Arora

Virtual Workplace Wellness Program

Engage your employees during workforce disruptions with live wellness sessions delivered online to help employees BUILD MENTAL RESILIENCE to manage stress, optimize performance and cultivate connection and belongingness.

Current Scenario Around The World

  • COVID-19 is changing our world at lightning speed. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, more companies are stepping up their mental health benefit offerings for employees.

  • Supporting workers with mental health services is not only an ethical obligation for employers, it’s also a bottom-line issue. More than 60% of workers say their mental health affects their productivity, according to a survey by Mind Share Partners, a nonprofit that works with companies to improve mental health resources.

  • Mental health experts believe that the impact of Corona Virus crisis will be on the employees psyche long after the crisis in it's current form passes away" One report by researchers at Peking University, published in the medical journal “Lancet,” projected that the mental health problems created by coronavirus could exceed the consequences of the 2019-nCoV epidemic itself by triggering disorders such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress.

Challenges For the Next Two Quarters

Challenges of Working Remotely

  • Stress & Burn Out : Employees are more productive but vulnerable to working longer hours, at a more intense pace, with work-home interference leading to increased stress and  burnout. UN Labor Organization Report

  • Anxiety & Depression: Loneliness and lack of human interaction is not always productive, and studies show that this could  lead to anxiety and depression which can cause further issues mentally

  • Perceived Irrelevance : Because of communication mode changes, employees might perceive being  excluded from decision making and discussions there by inducing uncertainty and lack of connection leading to negative state of mind

  • Lack of Skills and Tools: Workers are finding that they don’t have the skills to be successful in an extended remote environment, from networking to creating routines that drive productivity. They worry that staying remote could make them less valuable, especially in a recessionary environment.

What is needed right now?

Enhanced Mental Resilience
Emotional Wellness Hygiene
Self Awareness & Self Leadership
Self Empowerment Guidance, Tools & Practices
Mental Control & Direction
Building Optimism & Conviction
Life Balancing Structure & Schedule
A Sense of Connection and Belongingness

How ‘Personal Resilience’ Coach Simi can Help?

Simi Arora is a certified Personal Resilience Coach and Pranayama Teacher based out of New York. Her extensive understanding and experience in human transformation and empowerment through principles of traditional wisdom and new age science is at par excellence.

She coaches business leaders, executives, organizations and institutions for mental and emotional resilience, self leadership and mental health well-being. Her personal life transformation is highly inspirational that allow her to connect and empower people at a deeper level. She has a tribe of 90,000+ people on social media which is growing big everyday. She has 47,000+ followers on LinkedIn where she provide powerful video content and engage with her tribe.

Why “Raise Resilience”

Stress Management, Mental Resilience & Emotional Well-being

  • Resilience help organizations maintain strong, resilient employees, leaders and teams, and to develop an organizational culture that supports growth.

  • Learn what makes leaders, managers, employees and teams more productive, motivated, resourceful, and what it takes to keep going in the face of multiple, complex change and challenges.

  • Old fashioned trouble-shooting approaches such as “coping” are not enough; there is a growing need for a big picture approach that includes resilient leadership, building a human-based work culture and a bottom-up and top-down approach to individual resilience, self-responsibility and self-management.

How Does Simi Implement it?

  • 24 Personal Resilience Coaching Concepts to enhance mental & emotional strength (two sessions in a month)
  • 10 Powerful Breathing Techniques to Consciously take charge of nervous system
  • 7 types of Mindfulness Exercises to reprogram your brain
  • Science based tools to ”create a mental state on demand”
  • Practical Implementation of the new learning by providing direct applicable tools such as affirmations, guided visualization and meditation
  • Setting of Measurable Goals to stay on track &measure progress
  • Identify obstacles and emotional blockages that build tension, stress and physical health issues
  • Practical Solutions and applicable remedies to remove obstacles for personal & professional success
  • Group and Individual Coaching sessions on Stress, Anxiety or around any other mental turbulences
  1. Build 4-R: realistic, respectful, reasonable & responsible life approach
  2. The 5 S’s of Self Leadership
  3. A Holistic approach to Balance your busy work and personal life
  4. Mental Agility and Resilience during difficult times
  5. Cultivating Emotional Intelligence
  6. Mind-Body Holistic Well-Being Path
  7. Energy Reserves – Life Skills
  8. Simplify, Declutter & Reduce Stress
  9. Positively contributing to teams built on values, respect & trust
  10. The 3-D Model for Self Management & Accountability
  11. Creating space and boundaries for life (Self Care)
  12. Cultivating Compassion, Empathy and Belongingness.
**There are 12 more such incredible topics around Raising Resilience that I deliver in my workshops/ webinars.

“Raise Resilience” Webinar Packages

For the Entire Team

Virtual Resilience & Wellness Package Number of Sessions
3 Months Package
6 Sessions of 90 min each (Two sessions in one month)
6 Month Package
12 Sessions of 90 min each (Two sessions in one month)
12 Month Package
24 Sessions of 90 min each (Two Sessions in one month)

Individual Resilience & Emotional Well-Being Coaching

Individual Mental Wellness Consultations and Coaching 60 Minutes of Each Session
Private Yoga, Breathwork or Meditation Sessions
30/60 Minutes of Each Session
Personal Resilience/Self Leadership Coaching
60 Minutes of Each Session

Each Session Delivery

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