Life Coaching


Simi Arora’s Unique Methodology on “Mind Mastery” through Self Discovery to Achieve Abundance, Happiness & Purpose.

Life Coaching


Simi Arora’s Unique Methodology on “Mind Mastery” through Self Discovery to Achieve Abundance, Happiness & Purpose.

I believe in transformation of inner being for the outward results. I focus on self empowerment that brings about a sense of deeper understanding, self awareness and effective decision making around all spheres of your life and lead you to become the most powerful and best version of yourself.


If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or a high level executive, then please read below:

You are wearing multiple hats and juggling around with multiple responsibilities.

You are responsible to get things done and are the commanding officer with a high amount of stress.
You are ambitious, driven, and enthusiastic about your work and usually give more time to your professional life than your personal.
You like to lead but also are susceptible to judgements which also build a sense of anxiety.

You would want to do better with your health but since there is a pressure of expectation and deadlines which put the prioritization of health at the back burner.

You sometimes lose the clarity of why are you doing what you are or what exact meaning it holds for you.

You would love to live your life on purpose, but you haven’t figured out on how to use your business to reach your higher purpose.
You would want to come out as more authentic and fearless leader who is on purpose and keep a long term vision of his business and life.
You would love to balance your personal and professional life and make certain choices which are going to take you towards more emotional fulfilment and hence more emotional energy to pursue your dreams.

If there is a way to create more “me time” without having to compromise on the work, you would love to engage in several activities for personal development, hobbies and recreation.

You would want to know easier and effective ways to de-stress, unwind and recharge your brain for effective functioning to reach your big goals.
Elevate yourself spiritually and connect with the higher self to break the limited patterns of the mind and have control over your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Stepping out of the norms and comfort zone to go after your desired life.

If you resonate with any of the above pointers, then you are at the right place and you must read below.


In order to experience unshakable and true happiness, a great health and personal & professional success, you need to go beyond the mind. You need to untrap yourself from the limited patterns and stories that you have told yourself over and over again. This limited conditioning is responsible for the current life experiences and if you need to draw new experiences, something more, something new, a very meaningful and purposeful life, then you need to break the patterns of the mind.

……… And, that can only happen when you know who you really are, and what connection you have with your mind and your body.

This knowledge is the only gateway to a deeper transformation. Without building the foundation properly, it’s very risky to construct a strong building on top of it. Right?

That’s why, Self knowledge is the most powerful knowledge that can shift your life and allow you to manifest whatever you can possibly imagine as an experience in your life.

So, are your ready to go further?

Here’s how I do this with you!

My “self empowerment” coaching is specifically designed in three phases.




Let’s understand what these specific phases involves :

1. Detach :

Detachment from the continuous mental activity is extremely important to gain a sense of control and direction in your life. Mind is a place of memories, experiences and conditioning. You make more choices subconsciously because your emotions are directly influenced by your past experiences. Hence, at times, we are not aware of our deeper desires, fears, insecurities and tend to remain stuck in a similar pattern of thinking and actions.

When our thoughts, emotions and actions are coming from a place of fear or scarcity, the results are going to be similar in nature. In order to change the quality of your life and manifest experiences where you feel powerful, connected, happier and strengthened, then you need to be able to direct your mind and change the patterns of subconscious mind.


Who am I?

It is the fundamental question of life and answering that can solve the mystery of life and its complexities.

To detach, we need to know WHO IS DETACHING WITH THE MIND. What is “me” and what is the mind that I talk about all the time and how are these two related? When we find the answers to these important questions within us, a whole new world of possibilities come into our awareness.

This phase itself can transform anyone’s life, once they allow them to embrace the TRUE knowledge and absorb it as an emotional experience. I help my clients with a very deeper level clarity on WHO AM I and how to use this knowledge to DESIGN THE LIFE PURPOSE and meaningful experiences of life.

2. De-Conditioning :

"Identify the Mental Stories that are holding you back and not letting you manifest the true and meaningful experiences of life"

  • Finding the negative beliefs and fine excuses that are holding you back from living your life happiest and fullest.
  • Openness to adopt new and empowering beliefs and replace the beliefs that are no longer serving you.
  • Understanding the true nature of mind and become aware of the mental stories that create the personality and perceptions about the self, others and life.
  • In this phase, I will teach you the techniques to complete detach yourself from your old mental conditioning and start to WITNESS the mind as a mental activity in motion + pay attention to the thoughts which are creating fear, anxiety, indecisiveness or any other unwanted experiences.
  • To understand the nature of mind and realize the true self and decondition the mind, I use Yogic Method of Pranayama Breathing Exercises and techniques such as Affirmations, Visualizations, and Brain Therapies.

Deconditioning of the mind is the most important phase as it brings about tremendous shift in a person’s life and allow him to understand his mental stories and detach with the regressive content in the mind.

3. Design

In this phase, I work with my clients intimately to bring extreme clarity in the goals that they want to accomplish after diving deep into their own being and implement the insights, strategies, daily activities and various tools to start bringing all the knowledge into action.

Action creates an outcomes and thereby feeds the memory and create an experience. This new experience of true happiness becomes the base for the mind to go back for more of those experiences. Thus, slowly one starts to make different choices than what they ever made before.

  1. New experiences are being created and new patterns are set for the mind to be acquired.
  2. Neurotransmitters are created in the brain that allow you to create new neurons connections for higher performance, productivity and focus. (Affects the whole physiology eventually)
  3. These new experiences serve as a new pattern for mind to set as a benchmark for what it wants to experience in the future.
  4. The Retraining of the mind allows one to bring immense changes in how they perceive, think and make decisions.
  5. The sense of control over the mental activity is enhanced and a person become fully equipped to detach ‘the true self’ from the mental activity or mind and let go of the fear of uncertainty.

Manifesting : Manifesting the goals that one wants to experience in his/her life is completely dependent on a) Clarity of what one wants b) Inner Strength & Determination c) The Meaning Assigned to the desired experiences. As most of the work is done in earlier phases around all the above aspects, clients feel truly empowered and is ready to take challenges, build new habits and STEP OUT OF COMFORT ZONE.

In this phase, we track the progress, solve the hurdles and remove hindrances to keep empowering the mind and body for the desired success that you are looking to achieve.

As a coach, I will handhold you for as long as you want me to and push you to follow your new routines, lifestyle changes and most importantly help you when you feel stuck with an old habit or pattern.

Transformational Results of Coaching with Simi

Various Techniques Being Used

1 – Pranayama Science of Breathing – which straight away affect your physiology by optimizing the functions of the respiratory system, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous system. Pranayama is the fundamental to “mindfulness’ and it produces the “deeper calmness” and state of heightened present awareness.

The benefits of pranayama are immense and this technique itself has the power to shift your life in a big way as it not only impacts you physically but more so psychologically and spiritually.

2 – EFT Technique to unblock negative energy and bring yourself deeper relaxation. EFT is a very effective way of clearing out feelings, and when an unwanted feeling is gone, the limiting beliefs that the client held are released. New, more positive beliefs about themselves can emerge. Learning EFT also empowers the client to take charge of handling their emotional state because they can tap on a feeling any time they want to move out a painful feeling.

3 – Meditation – Kundalini & Mantra Meditation along with exercises such as visualization and affirmations. 

4 – Energy Healing Therapies

Highlights on
the Delivery:


Simi Arora has a tremendous expertise of working with people from different cultures, countries, designations and attributes from all over the world. Coming from India, she has imbibed both eastern and western cultural values in her own life which makes her able to understand her clients and their life with an open mindedness and clarity.

She is an established life coach, a certified Yoga and Pranayama Teacher. She loves to use Pranayama breathwork to help her clients calm down their mental activities and focus on becoming self aware and empowered.

Her background in Business Development around the world and her vast experience in working with many Corporate CEOs, Decision Makers and variety of High Net Worth Clients has made her competent to understand the complexities, lifestyles and challenges of her coaching clients.

After getting transformation in her life and creating a substantial personal and professional success, Simi has the natural ability to understand the core problem areas of her clients and helps them to GET FULLY EMPOWERED FOR THEIR SUCCESS.

Her life coaching methods are powerful, a beautiful blend of ancient yogic technology and modern scientific tools, which leads you to become self aware and strengthened to be aligned with the exact goals you want to achieve. Her focus is to let you unleash your own power and get you to a point where you become self resilient, highly productive and fearlessly pursuing your goals and most importantly, remain at that level of life forever.

Major Outcomes Of Empowerment Coaching

“You can enhance your professional and personal success by investing in Empowering yourself”

Know “ Why You do What You Do” and “How to get where you Want To- Both in personal and professional life.

Get to know your “Authentic Self” and uncover your own visions, beliefs and values to create your powerful destiny.

Unstuck yourself from negative and Energy Draining Relationships and start to make choices that reflects your true personality

Become so powerful and driven so your ability to give out to the world increases multiple folds which in turn makes you more productive, impactful and confident.

Learn to live fearlessly and make the choices and decisions that you have held on for long, in order to fulfill your deepest desires.

Build up your Dream Career or Profession that not only serves your financially but makes you tremendously happy and fulfilled.

Discover your hidden potential and access the reservoir of creativity to able to live more profoundly.

Bust the cycle of bad habits which are hindrance in your success and replace them with world-class performance habits which can multiply your success multiple folds

What People Say About cSimi's Coaching

Here's How You Can Choose to Work With Simi

“You can enhance your professional and personal success by investing in Empowering yourself”

One on One Coaching

One on One 6 Months Pack

One on One 12 Months Pack

1 Day Intensive​

2 Day Intensive​

Quarterly Intensive​


Access Your 45 Min Free Discovery Session

We don’t deserve to feel unhappy, stressed, unfulfilled and unsuccessful in our lives  because each and everyone of us are super genius, capable and powerful.

In fact, we deserve to explode our true potential and lead with authenticity, courage, happiness and greater vision.

Out of my experience of my personal transformation and also while dealing with numerous private coaching clients, I have observed that people truly don’t understand how much power they hold inside of them, which when unleashed can absolutely shift any challenge into an opportunity, to manifest anything and everything they desire and live in abundance and ecstasy.

I am willing to extend a hand to help anyone willing to come to take action and work towards his total Self Empowerment.

If you are the one who is ready to take responsibility of your life and are an action taker, then, I invite you schedule you FREE 45 MIN DISCOVERY SESSION with me.

In our session, we will,

  • Discover Your Values, Visions and Deeper Purpose
  • Find out deeper beliefs, fears or insecurities which might be holding you back from living your best life.
  • Do the Goal Setting based on self awareness model.
  • Build strong foundation to start your empowerment journey