Re-wire Your Mind for better Mental Health

Several new studies are proving that your brain can be rewired to be happier and more positive through rewiring your thoughts. the most important tool to perceive, create, and experience life. Learn how to how to build positive thoughts.
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Mind, the most important tool to perceive, create and experience life is often MISMANAGED.

The life that you currently are experiencing is because of the nature of your mind. If the mind is chaotic and conflicted then it is going to perceive, create and experience a world of stress, suffering and panic in his/her being.

if mind is purified, relaxed, creative and directed towards growth, optimism and love, it will create an experience of happiness + fulfilment.

Now, the question become — HOW? �

Well, the ans is very simple but hard to apply as the solution is not a quick fix but a process, that you are a part of… FOREVER.

Self realisation is the beginning to detach the mind from the truest self. As the detachment begins, you are no longer in the grasp of mind. You GO BEYOND it & become the Driver of it.

It makes you truly powerful and liberated. You accomplish more. You live more. ❤️

I spent years on this path before I begin to coach people. Now, I try to help people become self realized along with empower them with spiritual + psychological tools to start to transform their lives.

I am very psyched to VERY SOON open the enrolment of my Monthly membership where I will personally coach people and help them GO BEYOND THE LIMITATIONS and reach their utmost potential


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  1. Sriram S

    Yes Ms. Simi, you are correct. But detaching the mind from my self or my brain is a very difficult task. Slowly by practicing meditation and concentration on sky (nothing) is helping me to come out of the box. Slowly I am doing that great task and enjoying the stage what you described which is very powerful and self realisation begins there. In that stage I feel unlimited happyness and charging my spark inturn am getting the feeling of liveliness. Thank you so much Ms Simi Arora

    1. Simi

      Thank you Sriram S for sharing your journey and feelings with us. I am so proud and happy to see the shifts that you are making in your life. Stay on the path

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