Secrets to Unleash Your Power

We usually treat the badass people who are just exuberant and the life of any party, the ones who are the limelight stealer of a sales department, exceeding their sales quota month after month, someone who has made people fall in love with them by their creativity, be it music composition, a painting or a world class artistic sculpture, as a Rockstar.

What makes a Rockstar ? Who do you think is a Rockstar?

Is there some special X-factor or super power that one is blessed with at the time of birth or is it something that you can create for yourself.

We usually treat the badass people who are just exuberant and the life of any party, the ones who are the limelight stealer of a sales department, exceeding their sales quota month after month, someone who has made people fall in love with them by their creativity, be it music composition, a painting or a world class artistic sculpture, as a Rockstar.

We see many rockstars in their respective fields and everyone loves them.

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Few secrets that will make you live a rockstar life too.

 Ponder over your Beliefs… Yes, they are crucial!

We have all grown up in different environments and it has shaped who we are. Every society is led by a man made  belief system running over centuries and that is one of the primary building blocks  in a person’s life while growing up.

Few societies like India, China, Africa, Middle East and others with deep, old cultures have thicker beliefs about many aspects of life. Religion, culture, black magic, astrology, man- woman relationships, marriage, divorce, education all the way down to what’s polite in day to day interactions with other people.

The more firmly rooted the belief system you have grown up with, the more difficult it  is to change it. As adults, we continue to pick up more beliefs through our peer groups, friends, teachers, bosses, work environment, media and personal experiences.

The reason why beliefs play a very important role in shaping our lives and making choices is because they are rooted in our subconscious mind. We usually don’t change our beliefs. It requires realizing that they no longer align with our core values

So today, focus on your beliefs and rethink if your beliefs are helping you reach your goals and making you the master of your destiny, helping you lead a rock star life or in reality are holding you back. So, if there is any need to change some old, rotten and regressive beliefs and be open to embrace some new fresh, positive and progressive beliefs… then do that , right now.

Ahh …. You were a born Genius … Believe Me!!!

Most of us think that success is for the few chosen ones and we are bound to live a mediocre life. We make a fuss about how others are more lucky than us and so on…. Whereas, in reality the universe has blessed each and everyone with a genius mind which can create true wonders for you.

Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Sachin Tendulkar, Mohammad Ali or any other big names out there who were the best in their fields, were no more or no less special than you. They just loved their craft and followed their dreams with utmost dedication, discipline and persistence.

As long as you know what you love to do the most, you can really manifest whatever you want in your life by focusing on it with complete dedication. You certainly are a genius with one special talent (some may have more) that the Universe has possessed you with.

Have you figured it out yet for yourself? If not, read further ….


How to use the Power of Mind to create more Growth, Happiness & overall Success.

Real Reason you are spinning along with the planet which is … The Purpose !

When we look at the sky and ponder over the huge, unlimited, vastness of space which is home to Zillions of Stars each with their own solar systems, Billions of galaxies. Assuming it in our head makes us crazy for a minute.

The perfect connection of everything out there in the Universe with our own home planet, Earth, is even more mind boggling. Everything appears seamlessly and perfect in accordance with the human being and other living beings’ survival.

You, as the most special and sophisticated creation of the Universe have an abundance of energy and the resources to utilize in your lifetime to create a much better space for yourself and other fellow beings. Each and every one of us has a special feature, an X Factor or talent that when put into action can bring humongous benefit to the self and whole world.

The problem is that we live our whole life without even knowing how to tap into our true potential and be of use to creation. The true purpose of a human beings life is to find out how they can truly serve the world. The good part is it’s different for everyone so creation looks more colorful and vibrant.

If you haven’t figured your special purpose out yet, then sit back and think today, what it is that you love to do the most. What makes you wake up in middle of night and pokes you into thinking about your life?

What is something you are naturally inclined towards? What makes you most joyous and happy? What type of work is in alignment with your values and belief systems ? 

As you think on these questions, you might be close to figuring it out… your magical purpose which will lead to building a truly happy, fascinating Rockstar life.

No Pain, No Gain — Isn’t it?

Have you gone through a lot of painful times where you have felt broken, cheated upon, hopeless, under financial stress, struggling with health issues or a myriad of other negative life situations. They are certainly miserable times in everyone’s life and we want to get over the bad times as quickly as we can and move on, to never think about them again.

The funny thing is that life’s best lessons are learned at the time of adversity. When you are completely wracked with tons of stress and emotional disturbance, the reason could be any life aspect, it is truly the time you get to form new insights about yourself.

You touch the zenith of your strength and stretch yourself more to adapt to the current situation which is the reason people can change completely after a big U turn, trauma or adversity in their life.

Find opportunity in adversity. Every problem is a stretching exercise for you to expand your abilities, increase your mental strength and leads to a more fit version of yourself, and you do know a Rockstar needs to be pretty fit, flexible and handsome.

So, from today on, keep looking to solve more problems rather than running away from them. This is the only way you will grow, become smarter and surpass your own limiting beliefs about yourself.

Raise your Vibrational Frequency to match with the Universe !! Very Important

It scientifically proven that everything is this Universe is vibrating at a speed which is beyond our perception, including the molecules in our body. As per the Law of Vibration, a law of nature that states that ‘nothing rests; everything moves; every-thing vibrates.’ The lower the vibration, the slower the vibration; the higher the vibration the faster the vibration.

The difference between the manifestations of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual result simply from different levels of vibrating energy, or frequencies. So, while the feelings of fear, grief and despair vibrate at a very low frequency, the feelings of love, joy and gratitude vibrate much quicker.

Most of the times, we lower down our own frequencies and start to think negative about ourselves, things or people we are attached to. Statements like “Oh, I am not good enough to handle this,” ; “ I am too fat,”; “ I don’t think God is ever kind to me,”; “ I am not sure if i will ever get a good guy to date,“ are self negating and it’s number one reason you sabotage the prospect of receiving all that you could since you are lowering your own vibrations.

The Universe works with law of attraction. If you want something desperately, then you have to tell the Universe that you want it and resonate your frequency with that of Universe, by visualizing, affirming and believing, to get the desired results.

Be a Little Kid …… & Be Fearless and Take Risks

Have you seen a little kid who is fearful of trying new things, mistrusts others or does not smile at strangers who make weird faces to get their attention? No, Right. So, what happened to us after we grew bigger. We became more fearful, more mistrusting and more grumpy and too judgmental with people and situations around us. Why did this happen?

When a little baby sees a new colorful attractive thing, he wants to touch it and feel it and probably wants to taste it too. He doesn’t get afraid when the parents throw him up in the sky while taking the best photo, to hang in the living room, since, he trusts his caretakers.

As we grow up, we become fearful and start to break life down between good and bad, less and more, loss and gain, give and take and life becomes a calculation. Many of us don’t take certain decisions because we are too afraid to lose whatever we think we are holding on to, which traps us and never lets us open to new opportunities which could far better than our current status.

We need to understand that when we were kids, we used less intellect to distinguish things apart but we had much more sense to enjoy stuff around us and as we grew bigger, our intellect exploded and overpowered the happy kid’s mindset.

Think for a moment , as a process when new life takes birth, the Creator has already taken care of the vital needs from his basic nurturing to unlimited care and unconditional love in form of loving parents, so why would you think, that you would be left out as you will grow with age.

This Source energy is available to provide you with all resources to accomplish whatever you want, to take care of you, to nurture you and to craft the life of your dreams.

All you gotta do is trust it. Be a child like, do experiments, take risks, be playful, fall down and get up again, smile at weird or normal strangers and just let it loose. You will notice, life is much more of a fun than a never ending frustrating race.

Beware !!!!! Of Energy Drainers …. phllleeazzzee

Energy Balls…. That’s what you are. If you diffuse your energy with useless activities or people or things, you really have no chance of building a Rockstar life.You must have seen a performance on stage, and must have danced your ass off to the beats and been enthralled by the energy explosion happening on stage.

Usually before a performer gets on stage, he is pretty quiet and focused and sometimes meditating in his dressing room with “Do Not DIsturb” board outside, in order to conserve his energy for the world-class performance.

Similarly, we have to conserve our energy from several energy suckers so we can deliver our best when the time comes to perform or create something wonderful on the stage of life. In Today’s modern world, we have tons of distractions due to the explosion of technology and smart devices which provide us more than the required information for our brain to process.

It is even more crucial now to have more conscious control over the choices we made, while we spend the majority of our time with these smart gadgets. Focus on what could be helpful information for your ultimate goals and discard all other stuff. You don’t have to know everything happening in the world.

Among the thousands of people we know, each of us are surrounded by few people who, when they come in front of us, suck up all our energy and we feel pretty drained in their company. These suckers could be a forced, a relation that’s part of the family, a friend of your good friend, a person who claims to be your best wellwisher, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, your business associates or important clients.

The point is to pay attention and let them not waste your time or impact your actions or decisions. You are here for a limited time period and if you are serious about making a Badass Rocking life for yourself, you need to eliminate the energy suckers from your life…. Period!


Today, make a list .. eliminate or reduce the time spent on those activities one by one and utilize it to walk further towards your ultimate goal.

In the end, I hope you find above tips useful to create a more passionate, productive, happy, easy, joyful and enigmatic life full of invincible experiences.

In short, a Rock Star Life.


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