How To Become Self Aware

Self Awareness is first stage of Self Empowerment which is the ultimate state of living an extremely powerful, impactful, happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Don’t you think that these days people are pretty much running on auto-pilot where there is no self control? It’s like our reactions and responses are based on external stimulus and usually they are pretty quick and not thoughtful.

Let’s say, If someone wants to make you angry, it takes them less than a minute to do so and similarly someone just needs few minutes to butter you up and please you. Why is that the case? Why is human so focused on others opinions or external circumstances?

And, do you think this all causes stress in our life. Well, yes, hundred percent. Let me explain you how. 

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It’s clear that when we are simply reacting to others opinion we believe what they think of us is completely true rather than having our own self awareness about ourselves which basically includes our values, visions, virtues and feelings. So, when we are not clear about ourselves and haven’t dig deeper inside of us, there is always a chance of getting hurt by external negativity or criticism which causes stress, low self confidence and low level of success in life.

Self Awareness is first stage of Self Empowerment

Self Awareness is first stage of Self Empowerment which is the ultimate state of living an extremely powerful, impactful, happy, healthy and fulfilling life. By knowing yourself, you will have a clarity in your choices. For example, someone wants you to be little dishonest in a business deal which can create much financial gain. Now this is pretty lucrative situation where you are lured and stressed at both time as you now have to make a choice.

So, if you are clear about your value of, let’s say honestly, you will take no time in making a bold choice and stick to it and get out of unnecessary stress.


How to use the Power of Mind to create more Growth, Happiness & overall Success.

In our life, we encounter many situations where having clarity on our feelings, emotions and desires help us take appropriate decisions in our life. If these decisions are in alignment with your core self, you will always be more confident and anxiety free. But similarly, if you are just moving with the flow with no clear sense of direction, it’s very much going to cause you stress, anxiety, guilt and low morale feelings.

In order for you to become self aware, first thing is to pay attention to your deeper self.

  • Figure out what type of work makes you most happy and fulfilled as that would be sort of your purpose in life. That might not be a current part of your life but it’s still in your desire list.
  • Find your core values which is basically set of virtues that you totally believe in and it reflects in your actions in our everyday life. For example, honesty, compassion, integrity, forgiveness and so on.
  • Write down your top 5 values and pay attention on how much you live up to them and how much you contradict with them while making decisions.
  • Be aware of your own thoughts and feelings while being involved in activities, relationships, business dealings and while being with your own self and note down what triggers what type of feelings.

Self Awareness comes along in your life with the help of certain practices which makes you more conscious of your behaviour and feelings. Some of them are:

  1. Meditation
  2. Journaling
  3. Sharing your thoughts with trustworthy and like minded friends
  4. Joining a certain group of Mindful beings and have discussions on regular basis
  5. Hiring a Coach

Getting on the path self mastery and empowerment starts by knowing the self. Once you open the doors to your inner world, you begin to get on the journey on creating a very positive, happy, stress free and successful life for yourself !



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