Get coached by world class Personal Resilience & Mental Well-Being Coach,
Simi Arora

3 live workshops every month

Unlock Higher Purpose, Build Mental Resilience, Attain Emotional Fulfilment

3 live workshops every month

Get coached by world class Personal Resilience & Mental Well-Being Coach,
Simi Arora

Unlock Higher Purpose, Build Mental Resilience, Attain Emotional Fulfilment

Are you ready to awaken your inner power of
Self Mastery?

I am so glad you landed on this page. My deepest commitment to help and support people break their mental barriers and experience the miracles of Self Mastery has propelled me to start this membership.

While helping multiple organizations, business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs cultivate higher resilience, mental strength, emotional well-being and purposefulness, It was my deep burning desire to extend the pure wisdom, articulated information, world-class tools & strategies and scientific practices with as many people as possible

Let Simi help you

Simi Arora is a sought after life coaching expert and mental health awareness advocate. She works with several organizations, institutions and business leaders globally and shares her unique approach of cultivating stress-free and inside-out successful life.
Simi is a rising inspiration in the South Asian community and exemplary in her journey of turning her darkest challenges into big opportunities. She has almost 100,000 people on social media platforms where she consistently provides tools of conscious and happier living.

Develop mental clarity, direction and purposefulness around your life goals​

Detach from your limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and move towards cultivating self awareness and self leadership​

De-condition your mind by releasing subconscious past trauma and beliefs which have been holding you back from living your best life​

Design a conscious life which is in alignment with your deeper calling and invite abundance in all aspects​

​Sky rocket your resilience, mental control, emotional intelligence and total well-being​

Develop fearless expression of your potential to explode your innate talent and build credibility, impact and influence​

You don't have to wait for another life time... to live with mental freedom, deeper happiness and pure abundance

You are here on this page and reading it because you believe that you can do better and you DESERVE better.

Life with its complexity and impermanency can build stress, anxiety or feeling of being lost at times. When you don’t know how to take charge of your mental, emotional and physical faculties, you might get yourself STUCK into limiting beliefs, negative emotions, worthlessness, emotional instability and lack of clear direction to achieve the desired life goals. 
I had been there… at one point in my life.
I wasn’t ready for that panic attack which almost fainted me while being alone in an apartment of an unknown city. The fear was unsurmountable and I thought I was about to die. 
I was diagnosed with panic disorder which led to the treatment with medicines and counseling. It surely stemmed from unresolved subconscious emotional conflicts, lack of inner strength and direction in life.
During the darkest phase of my life, I developed the inner calling to search for the truth of our existence and seek answers around finding the true happiness pertaining to personal and professional goals. 
The journey of years led me to discover the PRINCIPLES OF CONSCIOUS CREATION which when understood and applied can change the course of life and bring an inside-out transformation.
These principles positively optimize mind-body-spirit connection and activate your inner power to manifest your true desires. 
How that happens?
Well, you start to detach yourself from the junk of past recycled information which causes you live in the past and continue to suffer your old mental conditioning and habits.
Then, you de-condition your mind and replace the OLD CODE OF CONDITIONING with the new codes which will help you to gain success with your current life goals.
You stop living in the past… and come in the PRESENT
and then, you start to design the structure of your new life with new principles, values, beliefs, goals, visions, discipline and practices
I have led several high performers, C level executives, business people and creative thinkers on this path through my one-on-one coaching and have helped them turn around their life for maximum growth and abundance along with DEEPER SENSE OF FULFILLMENT
Today, I’m offering to coach you and train you on the very same principles and transformational strategies I’ve taught millionaire CEOs, hopeful entrepreneurs, organizations and educational institutions. 
Ask yourself ..
Am I ready to consciously take charge of my life and cultivate mental freedom to make desired choices?
Am I committed to unleash my truest potential and lead with authenticity and impact?
Do I want to create high level influence, massive contribution and financial abundance in my life?
… if your answer is “yes”
I would love for you to join The Conscious Creator Academy !
What is it?
Every month, I go live online for three times and coach and train our community on how to understand and apply the principles of conscious living. They get the tools of ancient wisdom backed by science and research, my continuous support and world-class expertise that help them design their dream life, become mentally and emotionally healthy and lead and contribute at the highest levels.
You can signup now and cancel anytime.
You can make a change in your life RIGHT NOW. Here’s what you get..
Lakshit Mittal Finance & Supply Chain Director at Seafood Intl

Simi is an amazing coach. She is a patient listener and a pragmatic coach. She has helped me gain a fresh perspective to life which is very positive and encouraging. We always procrastinate our own development and suffer as a reason. A time spent with a coach like her is a time well spent. Thanks Simi!

Amit Kumar Chief Operating Officer at ArcelorMittal

I had chance to have a few sessions with Simi lately. Having benefitted immensely from her coaching, I recommend her to anyone who is looking to be helped in sorting out confusions, get clarity on goals in life and realizing his/her underlying potentials. Her inquisitive approach and self help tools help in knowing your true self. The real self inside us is beyond the mind and body, Simi helped me in how to trespass them and get to meet ‘me’. Thanks Simi and wish you very best in future.

Sanchit Sethi Founder at StayUncle

I attended a two months coaching session by Simi and she definitely helped me get aware of the effect of my conditioned mind on my goals and helped me get clarity on what I truly desire as a person. I managed to make a lot of big decisions in my life during the same tenure and I believe Simi played a very important role in helping me take leaps. I definitely recommend her to anyone who's seeking clarity on their purpose in life.

Devarshi Patel Sales And Marketing Specialist at SMARTfill Solutions LLP

“Well, what Simi has done for me in such a magical way, which has given me wings of positivity. The way she connected, understood and given me the counselling it simply awesome and unmatched. After her coaching classes I can truly feel the change I got to see in myself is just unbelievable. I highly appreciate Simi for what an initiative she has taken to change lives which makes her the best human being I have ever came across. I wish she continue to go places and transform people life in her best way! If any individual is thinking to pursue her coaching class then I am sure it’s gonna be worth”

    Here's how THE SELF MASTERY TEACHING will help!

    I created The Conscious Creator Academy to virtually coach you and help you get access to research based tools, proven wisdom and highly applicable strategies to immediately take charge of your life, impact beyond imagination and contribute with your best ability


    Online Coaching Workshops

    Get coached by me three times each month through virtual video sessions on the specific topics related to Raising Personal Resilience, Self Leadership, Purpose Clarity, Removing Stress & Anxiety, Emotional Freedom, Relationship Management, Balancing Energy Reserves, Work-Life Balance and more. I will also hold Pranyama Breathwork and Guided Meditation Sessions for deep relaxation.
    During these workshops, I will answer your burning questions, helps you navigate obstacles and share wisdom, framework and simplified practices to right away apply in your life and GET RESULTS
    You get the SAME life coach and trainer hired by multiple organizations and high income executives as your coach for a fraction of the fee charged to them

    Access to Online Programs

    Unlock the access to my four online programs which are my bestselling programs to help you fasten the process of getting UNSTUCK and transform.
    As soon as you join the membership, you retrieve the access to the membership portal where you can watch the videos at your pace. 
    The powerful content in these programs will help you in self realization, building direction, goal setting and in exploding your innate potential.
    You’ll learn to set the foundation for an ultra successful life in all fronts by instantly gaining the clarity, courage, authenticity, effectiveness and inner strength to move forward. 
    I will continue to share special programs as gifts to my members for being a part of this Conscious Creator community

    BONUSES + Private Community Support

    You’ll love the additional BONUSES in this membership starting from my recorded guided meditations MP3s, breath work video sessions, yoga posture sessions, self care journals and much more.
    You’ll also receive a FREE Copy of my upcoming book as a BONUS.
    I love to over deliver to my community so I will  activate more BONUSES with time for you to continue to stay on path and sustain your mental, emotional and physical growth.
    You’ll also the have access to the private community group where you can ask me questions, get quick replies, chat with community members and receive regular updates on the workshops. 

    Paul Springer Business Owner, The Dapper Dames

    Simi Arora gets you on your success path by help you unlocking your potential and powerful drive to get to your goals and achieve them. In my sessions with her, I personally have gained a lot of powerful insights which has pushed me to take big steps in order to gain power over my decisions and life. Her ability to understand the root level issues and bring it to the surface for to recognize and work upon is brilliant. highly recommend Simi Arora for deep level changes that you are striving for, to make your life successful and productive.

    Venika Sukhija

    Simi Arora is my inspiration. She is one of the kind, who by her words, brought my deep rooted values and passion to the surface and has helped me recognise my worth in Life. She has always been a helping hand and a true mentor who has transformed my life to an empowered life. Her tutorials, videos and guidance cleared my vision in life. I proudly and confidently recommend her as the best Life coach for you to meet your next higher version you have never imagined of.

    Shean Dharmaratna (Talent Manager / Multi International award winning Singer songwriter)

    Myself have got help from a few life coaches and personal training and worked with world renowned names such as ” Lisa Nichols”, had a few unresolved personal issues that Simi with very few sessions managed to get into their roots. She gave me required personal attention and helping find my inner power and happiness. I highly recommend her as a mentor and a life coach to any person regardless of their background or career path maybe.

    Navdeep Virk Indian Police Services Officer, India

    Simi’s coaching program has helped me figure out the missing link of fulfillment in my life. I have been all over very successful in my professional life but still felt the need to find more meaning to my life. Simi’s ability to understand the psychology, needs, and visions of her client is very remarkable. I have been able to make the necessary empowering changes in my life due to her in depth coaching and being able to invoke my deepest desires and life choices to take real shape.

      Membership Levels

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      Monthly Membership

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      29.99$ 19 99 $ per month
      • 3 LIFE COACHING & MENTAL TRAINING workshops every month with Simi which also includes Breathwork Sessions & Guided Meditations.
      • Free replays!
      • 4 Online Programs unlocked now free ($499 value!)
      • Powerful BONUS Content and Tools ( $395 value) - FREE upon Sign up
      • Private Member Community Access ($199 value!)

      Annual Membership

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      249.99$ 129 99 $ per year
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      • Same benefits as monthly coaching workshops: Live Mental Wellness, Emotional Well-Being and Resilience training with Simi three times every month, 4 signature online programs unlocked now (hours of life-transforming training worth $499!)
      • Powerful BONUS Content and Tools ( $395 value) - FREE upon Sign up
      • BONUS: Annual Subscribers Only: Get Personal Life Coaching Session with Simi Arora for 30 minutes. Your session with Simi will help you bring clarity, remove obstacles and limiting beliefs, take charge and set the path to achieve your desired goals.
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      I am here to support you

      It doesn’t matter how deeply stuck you feel right now, you have all the power to help yourself create the happiest, fulfilling and successful life.

      You simply need to take conscious charge of your life and dig deeper into the truth of your being.

      I want to help you to cultivate these principles of detachment, de-condition and design in your life so you can also transform yourself.

      By doing so, you can courageously come forward and authentically express your fullest potential and deep alignment once you are self-realized of your innate power.

      I want you to experience that because you can.

      Joining this membership is going to open the doors of dormant wisdom and help you induce mental freedom, emotional strength, inner peace, abundance, financial success and ultimate fulfilment.


      Have more questions?

      After joining, you can cancel your membership within 7 days to get the refund.

      If you decide the Conscious Creator Membership isn’t for you, then you can cancel your subscription renewal. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the portal or the private Facebook group. Canceling the Membership renewal prevents your payment method from being charged again when your monthly or annual subscription ends. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Membership (including the private Facebook group) through the last day of your subscription.

      Please note that unless canceled, subscriptions will renew at the normal price of that you signed up for.

      If you are looking to get deeper resolutions to your mental and emotional conflicts once for all and get on to the direction of designing a life that you are totally aligned with from your heart, then Conscious Creator Monthly Workshops and Membership is going to help you big time. I am going to help you get unstuck from your old mental conditioning and teach you the principles of creating a truly magical, successful, peaceful and impactful life. If you are open minded and action taker, then this is FOR YOU.

      Each month I will deliver 3 workshops LIVE. You’ll receive the notification a week prior to the workshop session. You will also get access to the membership portal. You just log in and can access all the meditations, lectures, podcasts, online trainings, and more . You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And to make it SUPER easy to stay consistent, I send an email at the start of each week to encourage and support you! Plus you can join our private Facebook group to find likeminded buddies, ask questions, share your journey and have fun! This high-vibe community will support you on your Conscious Living path

      Who gets coaching?

      People Ready For Change. People Committed to Personal Growth. People Who Want To Create Abundance, Authenticity And Impact