How To Enhance Self Worth

Self-worth is how you feel about yourself, or the opinion you have about yourself. Self Worth is crucial as you can only share your utmost VALUE with others when you value yourself.
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Hey friends. This is Simi Arora. Welcome to this video.

Well today I’m talking on SELF WORTH and how we can enhance our self-worth but before going into those insights.

Let me ask you this question. How do you rank yourself on a scale of one to ten on self-worth?

Well, you’ll be like who cares I’m fine and sometimes you know you don’t want to get into those deeper aspects of your being and we are more like hey, everything is okay at the surface level. I am confident.

I am doing well in my life and there’s no need to really go deeper into the self-worth questions.

But honestly, I believe there is a lot that is connected to how you value yourself
because if you value yourself in your mind in your heart, it shows up in your personality. It shows up in your behavior.

It shows up as this deep confidence, which is not bragging which is not arrogance,
which is the subtle confidence and is expressed in your body language.

So self worth is important because if you are ambitious if you want to do better in life,
if you want to grow Leaps and Bounds if you want to act as an influencer, as a leader
as more of an impactful person who wants to contribute at his highest level then Self Worth is Monumental so many times what happens is that we tend to lose our self-worth because of so many factors that come in play as a challenge in our lives and we struggle with this deeper self confidence and authenticity.

And also there are times when we think that we are supremely confident, but, at the very deep level we don’t have that real confidence and we seek a lot of validation and Approval from outside.

Now. Let me give you three powerful insights that you can introspect on today and see if it makes sense for you to embrace and work towards these insights.

So the first one is focus on your key strengths as competitive advantage. While we cannot be good at everything in life.

We have to choose certain things that we’re really good at.

So instead of trying to do everything on your own.

Start a delegate the things that you’re not good at and accept that you’re not good at such and such thing and focus on what you really good at.

What you’re heart is really aligned towards which is connected with your higher purpose purpose something that you are passionately driven towards. something you can spend hours and hours in building without getting tired and deeply stressed. That particular skill or qualification or something that you you feel is in Natural Talent a natural give away, to the world is what you should you know expand on what you should express the most and you should really feel like, you know, bringing out of the world and sharing that with the world because that’s what it’s going to give you a lot of positive feedback when we are naturally aligned towards something, our body
language reflects our ability to show that to the world, makes other people connect  with us deeply and it sorts of act like as a magnet. So use that. Second is cultivate more self compassion than self-criticism.

There are so many so-called perfectionists in the world who believe that they have to be absolutely right in everything that they do or they have to speak. absolutely perfect without that they’re not going to go and make a video. They have to be you know,
so correct that they so many times are self-critical of their own actions.

Now, what does that do is it slows us down and sometimes getting onto the path is all about just taking the very first Step & just getting on the journey.

And once we kind of develop that path we started, we better ourselves and our skill set. So instead of being a perfectionist instead of being self-critical, applaud yourself
for taking those steps be self-compassionate. Sometimes ENOUGH is good.

So roll every day by giving yourself this compassion, this kindness and a pat on the back for all the good things that you do rather than looking at what all is left that you’re not able to accomplish.

Third is let go of all the labels and the tags and focus on your Deeper Self expression.

Well, this is something which is my Universal message, which is about being the conscious Creator and being the conscious creators is about being self-expressive.
So You can explore your potential but what happens sometimes is that we put ourselves in this boxes and we started believe that oh,I am this particular label.

I am this particular tag. I’m concerned about how the world sees me.

I’m concerned about, you know, not making people unhappy I am seeking these approvals and validations.

And what does that do to you is kind of traps you further and it becomes a hindrance,
in terms of your potential explosion of what you can really do and the level that you can really contribute and also create abundance for yourself.

So rather than focusing on the labels, which are just the human construct focus on your innate potential the expression of who you are, what you believe what you care
for and how you can contribute because while we are contributing while we are saying Our Truth while we are coming more of an authentic being.

By being that, we not Only impact Our Lives. We are impacting the Universe At Large
and that’s what activates the deeper self confidence the deeper self worth
and also tells our universe.

It’s basically, you know, activating the Law of Attraction and law of manifestation,
which is going to expand your abundance, expand your confidence expand your being and make your life worth living.

So I hope this these insights are somewhere hitting your heart and also making you think about you know, making those choices and taking some of the decisions which can really help you becoming more self expressive.

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But before we go, I would really want you to comment below and let me know if these insights made any sense to you and if you like to ponder upon it and maybe apply some of them in your life as well.

Thank you so much for watching this video.


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