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There Are 3 Elements That Are Absolutely Vital To Your Growth And Success:

1: Consistent Life Skills Coaching to fall back on when you get overwhelmed with life challenges

2: A mentor or coach you can connect with and who helps you stay committed on the success path

3: A Community of like-minded people you can share your journey and lean on for support

If the outcomes and experiences in your life are not what you truly want them to be, ask yourself

“Which of those three am I missing in my Life”

And it’s probably because you don’t know enough clarity, who to turn to or how to get the life you want all by yourself.

It’s because we can’t do everything on our own, we need support.

That’s why I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating….

The Self Mastery Coaching and Community Membership

This membership is the only place to get the consistent mentorship, high level clarity, purpose coaching and community you need to become the best you.

Everything You Need To Achieve & Grow

Can’t make it live? No problem. Workshops are available 24/7 for Self Mastery Teaching members, in both audio and video format on the exclusive membership portal

Each workshop contains a theme based guided meditation designed to center your mind, body, and soul.

Every workshop includes breathing exercise of ancient science of pranayama to build mental awareness, peace and holistic well-being

Live Q&A sessions with Simi focuses on coaching and providing direct answers

Each month focuses on a new theme based on the 5 aspects of Self Mastery outcomes.

Put learning into action with downloadable worksheets and quiz for each session.

We Took a Look at the Average Member’s Results From the Self Mastery Community… And Here’s What YOU Can Look Forward to:

Clarity on Life Purpose

Improve Self Worth

Enhance Mental Resilience

Happier Relationships

Calmness and wellness

Develop Successful Habits

Within The First 90 Days of Self Mastery Coaching, Members Report:

You’re Only A Few Months Away From the Life You truly deserve …. And unleashing the Greatest YOU in all possible ways

Want to become a part of our community? Join here:

Real Stories From Self Mastery Members Around The World

I joined Self Mastery course which helped me controlling my emotional impulses and assisted in achieving clarity and set priorities and make better decisions.

It helped me develop control in my life. With Simi’s coaching, it helped me in developing resilience and control over my emotional responses and actions. I am very thankful. I wish she can help moor and more people get strengthened.

- Moinul Khan

I found many changes with me after joining the Self Mastery coaching program.

My day starts with your financial abundance meditation and ends with higher self meditation. I must share that I was very confused earlier but your pure energy, vibe and coaching helped me overcome my mental barriers and helped in strengthening my emotional and spiritual growth. I can’t express in words how happy I feel now. Love you Simi.

- RK Gupta

I attended Simi's 5 day LIVE workshop and decided to join Self Mastery. Simi provides practical tips and tools that can help generate great results once put in practice.

Self Mastery coaching is a game changer for me. The life skills, meditations, worksheets and all the tools that are uploaded on the portal are really powerful for personal and professional development. It is way VALUABLE than the price it is offered for. I am so overwhelmed and grateful. It has the power to transform you. Get yourself on board with Self Mastery coaching 🙂 

- Natasha Kader

I was a little bit skeptical initially as I had spoken to multiple coaches earlier but as I jumped over Simi's Self Mastery program and joined,

I was blown away by how she takes up such complicated topics and breaks it down in such a simple and easy way for us to absorb. I love her style and her coaching and what you get as a value of the investment is worth every penny. I highly recommend her coaching program.

- Uzoma

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Frequently Asked Question

Self Mastery is designed to be 100% at your own pace. You get access to the online programs, recorded LIVE workshops, coaching workbooks and meditations that you can watch and practice at your timelines. Every week Simi does 60 minutes of Live Coaching on 5 aspects of Self Mastery that you can participate and engage with.

You get coached by Simi directly in the Live workshop sessions where she goes deeper into the spiritual, mental, emotional and leadership aspects. The step by step approach and systematic process of delivering workshops along with supporting coaching workbooks help you build immense clarity, momentum and growth in your life

Self Mastery is a complete online offering where you learn the most profound and applicable life skills, get your questions answered and receive tons of inspiration from like minded support groups. Simi’s Live workshops happen each week, preferably on the weekend through zoom calls. If you miss the Live session, you can watch it on member exclusive portal within next 48 hours.

Absolutely yes ! As you become a member you get access to exclusive Self Mastery portal which you have access at all the times. We have almost a 1,000 people in the community from all over the world.

This option is only available for people who sign up for annual membership of Self Mastery Teaching. Simi offers 30-45 minutes of coaching session to members who are keen to work with her one on one to take their professional and personal growth to the next level.


Can’t make it live? No problem. Video workshops and meditations are available 24/7 for Self Mastery Teaching members.


When you become a member of Self Mastery, you become a member of a like minded community dedicated to purpose, growth and high impact living.


Each workshop contains a guided meditation focused on centering your mind, calming your body, high productivity, focus and deep connection with yourself. 


With each workshop, you get access to exclusive handcrafted workbooks and questionnaires that help you put learning into action. As you start to dig deeper through coaching questions, you build more clarity, handle obstacles and build accountability in your life

You will have the access to Weekly Live coaching with Simi, recorded workshops and coaching tools as long as you stay as a member. Once your annual membership is over, you can either continue by enrolling again or cancel your membership.

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